Leave voters had their chance to be friends, they decided to insult instead

I got rid of the last of my friends who voted leave, they’d been quiet for a while, I also cleared out anyone who said “Can’t we just accept the result”.
I had a brexiteer reply via twitt and they said why are we unhappy, brexit is a great opportunity.
I’m afraid I don’t argue with people generally, they know my feelings/opinions.
I replied telling that they voted to support fascism, and then I blocked them.
But there does seem to be a thing happening, where leave voters are starting to try to communicate with us, well, for me, they had their chance, but in the months after the referendum all we got was “Remoaners” and general insults, so why would we start talking with these people now (Maybe you’re better and braver than me), they had chances, they only dug their hole deeper, they entrenched themselves, now there is no way back, I do not know how to show any mercy, I do not know how to show any understanding, they have made themselves clear, now they must “Accept the result”, accept that they have alienated half the country with their poison, with their bile, with their political assassination, with their racial violence, with their lies, deceit, with their insults.

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