100000 pics of men wearing dresses on the internet, retail claims “the customer is always right”, clearly any man wanting to wear a dress is wrong? Thanks for that retail (rude word exclamation),

Unfortunately retail and commercialism is clearly more about gangster politics, dissapointingly women aide and abet the gangster politics, and it’s not as though we have no understanding of why they do this, but boring as it is… after the war, spivs, men, men are gangsters and women are merely gangsters molls :egads: and this is cruel testament because women did so much in the war, and yet are forgotten, only men are shown, only aggressive men with guns are shown, jeez, it’s not as though there were never any conciencious objectors, not as though there were never any men who tried to dodge the war…

We really need to broaden the description of men, reading Roald Dahl books and Danny the champion of the world, and the father figure is so lovingly drawn (drawn with descriptive words),