The Monsters!

The Monsters!


Monkey Man

Invisible Man

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Debonair Mad Scientist





Divorcee of Dracula,


We see a tall building, then follow as the camera pans down through an imagined cross section of the ground down into a secret laboratory.

A Debonair Mad Scientist, pours some drops into a test tube, which steams and bubbles. He then pours two drops into a cup which is a cup of tea. He then places the cup on a tray & walks over to a cell where Red  is lying sleeping on some straw. The Worf Debonair Mad Scientist slides the try under the bars and beckons   wake up.   rouses & is hungered by the tray which has a metal plate with some bourbon creams, some chips & some cake. A cup of tea at the side.

Camera focuses on

Monkey Man gets the food and eats as though he hasn’t eaten for days.

Camera pans to Debonair Mad Scientist

Debonair Mad Scientist:               Very good, very good

Camera pans back to

We see   start to change, growing hairier,   starts jumping up & down going eek ook.

Camera pans back, we see the bars of the cage and  Debonair Mad Scientist, we see  Debonair Mad Scientist’s keys to the cage looped around his belt, we see   Monkey Man’s newly grown tail hook the keys &   Monkey Man unlocks the bars & clangs the metal plate on  Debonair Mad Scientist’s head, bounding over  Debonair Mad Scientist and out of the secret laboratory.

Fade out:

Fade in:

We see a New York street, time index  October 1859, the street is dank & poorly lit, we see a doorway and the camera moves in & up a flight of  stairs, we turn right & go through a door and into a club. At the bar we see  Dr Jeckyll.

Dr Jeckyll:               Thank you barman.

Dr Jeckyll                gets up & leaves the establishment, only to be greeted by raucous calls

Monkey Man is being chased through the streets

Dr Jeckyll                 acts quickly, jumping inside his awaiting carriage;

Dr Jeckyll:                Quickly! Jump in

Monkey Man            cocks his head considering the proposal for a moment & then leaps into the carriage.

Dr Jeckyll:               Let’s get out of here driver.

We see the coach pull off & an angry perplexed crowd left standing not knowing what to do with themselves, indeed as we watch the crowd they stop moving, they slowly lie down & become as lifeless bodies. The crowd are zombies!

Inside the carriage  Dr Jeckyll talks with   Monkey Man.

Dr Jeckyll:                Now, what has happened to you dear chap? You are not really a simian I presume. Come back to my laboratory will you & we’ll see if we can’t help you out in some way.

Monkey Man:            Eeek eek, ook.

Fade out:

Fade in:

Dr Jeckyll’s laboratory, we see jars, tubes & bottles bubbling & steaming away on a central table. The room is a cellar with stone walls.   Monkey Man sits watching T.V whilst  Dr Jeckyll is mixing potions.

A beautiful lady approaches down the stair, it is Electra. Electra speaks in a heavy Transylvanian accent.

Electra:            Darling are you collecting stray animals now? I bought you a drink.

Atop a tray is a glass with some green & orange liquid, with steam bubbling from it.

Dr Jeckyll drinks. Electra moves towards Monkey Man who lashes out trying to bite Electra!  Electra stumbles backwards & from behind her we see  Dr Jeckyll, no he is  Dr Jeckyll no more, but he is transformed, we see a hairy miscreant, wearing a Top Hat and carrying a cane, which is disguise as the cane looses it’s sheath it is a long sword, we see   Monkey Man’s head roll off.

Mr.Hyde:            One shouldn’t attack one’s hosts wife don’t you know old chap.

Mr.Hyde:            Scoops up   Monkey Man’s head & places it in a jar. I’ll be back later darling.

Electra:            Oh your an animal baby, why you don’t do with me as you will

Electra             leans back on a table & seductively bites her bottom lip.

Fade out:

Fade in:

We see  Mr.Hyde sauntering out of his house with music and doing some mean tap dancing down the street.

Fade out:

Fade in:

Electra in Dr.Jeckyll’s laboratory.

Electra:            You can come out now honey

A hat moves towards Electra.

Electra:            Oh you can keep your hat on!

Electra starts groping seemingly empty space in front of her.

The doorbell rings, Electra floats upstairs, promising not to be long & instructing the floating hat (  Invisible Man) to meet her upstairs.

Fade out:

Fade in:

Electra opens the large solid wooden front door, to find a very dashing debonair gentleman wearing a cape & with slicked back hair, none other than Count Dracula himself! Electra looks stunned.

Electra:            How did you find me.

Dracula:               Come my dear, you do not expect your “Tangy Fangy” to give up that easily do you now?

Electra:            I told you, it’s over between us, look now not a good time.

Dracula:               Vat? you have company here?

Dracula swishes his cape & the door opens wider,  Dracula looks in astonishment, being a vampire  Dracula can see   Invisible Man & what’s more   Invisible Man is naked.  Dracula is furious, changes into a bat in the flash of an eye & swoops towards   Invisible Man, biting him on the neck.   Invisible Man falls down (We see the hat fall),  Dracula then changes back, & scoops up the flaccid body.

Electra:            Stop, Where are you taking him?

Dracula:               Do not concern yourself I shall place him in my nightclub, he will be well looked after, as shall you vhen I return.

Electra is distraught as  Dracula changes once again into a bat & flies of carrying   Invisible Man.

Electra wanders out into the streets in a daze, she doesn’t know where she’s going in her nightie & fluffy slippers. She ends up at a church and wanders disorientatedly inside. The bells start to ring, they are playing a tune, a tune which Electra feels she recognises but she can’t quite put her finger on it. Just then   Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame swoops down from the belfry. Electra my darling it has been so long, I trailed you across Europe & at last I get to let my eyes gaze once more upon thyne beauty.

Electra:                  Quasimodo my darling, I’ve had such an awful day! My ex has taken off with my fiancée!

Quasimodo:                     My dear daughter, I shall help. Where has  Dracula taken   Invisible Man? to his nightclub no doubt, there he’ll get him drunk & poison his mind against you, I know that old rascal.

Quasimodo leaps up through the belfry & makes haste across rooftops.

We see   Quasimodo enter  Dracula’s nightclub, we here a Cafuffle  & then  Dracula rolls out of the night club entrance.   Quasimodo follows, as  Dracula scrambles up & then scarpers away with  Quasimodo in hot pursuit.

we cut back to see a hat sway out of the nightclub & be greeted by a be-nightied, be-fluffy slippe Electra who hugs the invisible figure & escorts him home.

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