“transvestite” is just so old fashioned I feel, nothing really more than that. Transvestite would be before Tim Curry for me, lol, I show my age, ROCKY HORROR WAS A PARODY OF ALTERNATIVE CULTURES featuring transvestitism and rock “CLICHES”

Call yourself what you want, on another website we discussed it and I felt we ended up on Tgirl as a more welcomed description, Tgirl can cover somebody who dresses rarely all the way through to post op transexual, and I have no wish to exclude anyone (not on a broad acceptance level, personal could be different).

We are all so dead. If a woman wants to wear trousers or a skirt she has that choice, if a man wants to wear a skirt he faces social ostricism , at the least I am embarrassed to be a part of this society.

Don’t. Get me wrong, a man who wears a skirt and a transexual living in their chosen gender can be two very different things, but until as a society we get “equality”, I just feel we can’t move on, society needs to accept men and not monster men, reading a post where a woman writes she gets heckled and then a man follows her closely, and then it is written as though “all men” are intimidating (her example was construction workers whom she termed “bricklayers”),

Society paints men as 2 dimensional characters and then complains that men are 2 dimensional characters….

We have to bust that myth before we can move on, wether “we” identify as men is somewhat regardless, thanks to feminism and Germaine Greer and others, we are men, we are monsters.

I want a high street shop selling skirts and frilly clothes for male body shapes.

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