Playstation Home as social media

Gonna feel cheated, because outside you see many rooms/windows, & roof space could be good… but this aint Granzella I guess… a direct link to the ballroom sounds like a nice feature, but I don’t know the worth of the ballroom….

I wish it could have a mirror, and a fireplace that is connected to a future spaceship, with clockwork droids…

Sometimes we’re just feeling like the home devs just don’t get it…. having said that, for me, Home knocks the socks off the tired fps’s so relatively the devs are my superstars, at least I can pretend they are, but I do like some things they do and I like their passion, I can tell you many devs are tired of fps cr** too & they want to develop better gaming, more interesting gaming (Submachine, Balance of power, Sokoban [Sokobans rubbish compared to Herman & Zebuland, but who’s gonna recognise those titles?!?!])

A big problem with Home is the freedom it gives the devs, it is a complete double edged sword, it means we don’t have to put up with the rubbish mainstream “your game must have this, this, this & this”, but at the same time, the devs have really gotta know that just because they liked “fraggles”, “Cabbage patch kids” (bad random choices purposefully to try to make my point), doesn’t mean that we are all gonna love it, they have to get better market research, home needs direction and vision, I’ll gladly take the job, first we need home to get a feed of its own, really using facebook and twitter ain’t cutting it, cos I know, ppl who’ll only use facebook, ppl who’ll only use twitter, home needs its very own social networking platform, because that is what will drive home, the sharing pictures instantly, but sharing in an environment where we all have that shared interest of home, facebook is awful now because barclays bank, or simon cowell, or “drive your web site traffic”, & I have no interest in those things and they just kill the whole thing, so we have a wall in homesquare with a news feed, and too in our personal spaces, where we can browse at our leisure, with friends the latest fashion, the newest game.

I like some of the home devs, I admire some of the home devs,

Home devs, you have to see, you have a fantastic platform for creativity, if you want to keep it you have to work together to make a Home Social networking site.


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