October 2015, a new ascendance waiting to be seen,
from out of the corner of your eye, you spy
a tall slinky beauty, a dream queen
Tall hair with an electric flash
face white, eyes dark wild
plum coloured lips
shoulders draped in a Shawl covered with Headless Horseman print & uninteligible scrawl
tight fitting, long sleeved top, green with lace down the middle stripey sleeves and cropped.
Long slinky skirt down to the ankles, sweet Akle high boots

You’re walking along, it’s twighlight, a graveyard close by, but you’re avoiding you walk accross the field, of corn, the scarecrow flops forlorn.

& she is there all the way, The ascendance with no name
she must be floating? for she makes no sound, glides so smoothly
keeping you company, somehow familiarIty outshines ghouley.

The field gives way, becomes a road, cars screech and turn, you’re guessing the ascendance they behold.

Your Transtasmagorica now in full flight, radiates, green & red gentle glow allowing clear sight.

A man on a bicycle stays a tree, trying to pretend that he’s so mean
but truth be told, he’s so keen to get with Transtasmagorica, his night time queen
and his bike’s now a moped, cool and comfy, as you hold on tightly, he rides serenley not bumpy.

A club, a house, lights music, a werewolf howls, Transtasmagorica, up for the challange joins in on the prowl.

Inside the dance floor, the drinks, the chat and the jabber, the have a go at designing your own light show pattern master.

Funky moves, dancing till early, then swept back home safeley & surely.

A morning time kiss from him what’s made you feel sweeter, you blow him a kiss and know that you’re one lucky bleeder.


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