Transgendered people can find it hard to be legitimised. As can other people.

We hear about girls who didn’t appreciate being expected to play with dolls houses.

Perhaps we don’t “hear” so much about the boy who didn’t want to play soldiers.

I got legitimised today, or at least partly. A well known politician came onto the shop where I work. He wanted a present for his 17 year old daughter. He asked twice my female colleague behind the till who both times suggested that I would be the best person for the job and so he accepted and we looked and talked and he got the present which I helped him select, and he was grateful 🙂

He then wanted a gift for a 20 year old boy. I found it really difficult to visualise what that present could be.

But I got to do what I am good at and it showed that I have an understanding and an empathy with women. It legitimised that I do the job that I do and that that is what I am good at…

Through my life I have found such scant praise and I really enjoy my job now working in women’s accessories.

But for others and at most other points in my life getting legitimised is next to impossible for male to female, and so much of the world views being female as being weak and this is an area where male to female transgendered individuals and feminists really need to help each other, it would make feminists appear… well, it would make them right, to say that being female can be a good thing, that being female can be a positive rewarding experience and should be valued. For male to female transgendered individuals it would give that legitimacy, and for so many male to female transgendered the only legitimising that occurs is being seen as sex objects/toys, politically feminists and male to female transgendered have the same goal, to make being/representing female as a positive.

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