I didn’t start out crossdressing…. well, I kinda sort of did, but no I’ve never considered myself to be a crossdresser.

When I was young I wore a pair of my sisters pants for a day.

Then there were excursions to the laundry bin to get female clothes.

A favourite band of mine “Birdland” dressed/looked effeminate. Effeminate is a good word to describe me, if they made effeminate clothing for men then I wouldn’t have to visit “Womens” departments in shops in the sexist country that I have to live in.

I started working in a department store in the Blinds and trimmings department selling curtain poles. I eyed kitchenware just accross the way and after 2 years I was working in kitchenware, I enjoyed pretending to myself to be “one of the girls”

I had my hair short at this point.

I had been shellshocked by a world where I had acheived A* in typing and did well in Computer studies and then put onto a bricklaying course after school.
Shellshocked by a community who demanded that I “man up”.

I went onto the dole as soon as I could and avoided people’s company.

People are too creepy.

I need you to hear that.

You are too creepy.

After time I met a woman who liked me, we had a kid and I decided to try and live life, I cut my hair short and began my working life.

Fast forward now and at my present workplace I moved from Kitchenware to Women’s accessories!!!

One of the colleagues working in the women’s shoe department said as an aside “you don’t wear those do you”,

Now those are not her exact words, but it must have triggered something, I hadn’t really considered crossdressing, I’d worn spotty, sliky effeminate shirts when I was younger, when I was into Birdland, and momentarily¬† at other times I’d exhibited effeminate behaviour, but I’d not thought of it with any seriousness as “crossdressing”.

Around then I woke up one morning and proclaimed “I’m not supposed to be a man, I’m supposed to be a woman” and it just made sense and I began experimenting buying womens clothes, make up, jewellery , and then I let my hair grow and it is all very good for me, I am much happier and more content than I have previously been.

I don’t feel like crossdresser, nor transvestite suits me as a descriptive term, and certainly not “Tranny”, I’m a human being with thoughts and feelings and I should be respected for who I am.

I am so upset and disgruntled and have underlying angst and despair at the way I have been treated, there can be no forgiveness, at the same time I am so much happier and settled than in the past.

For me I need politics, I need a support network, I also need and want and welcome open discussion with women. I don’t think women are evil, but there is a disturbing underlying sexism at work and it affects men every bit as much as it affects women.

Here’s something for you to think about,

Women want equality.

Equality in womens minds means that women can wear a skirt or trousers.

Equality in womens minds means that men can wear trousers or be called gay or pervert.

If women want equality they will need to show that, currently women use equality as a power grab, more choice for women, less choice for men.

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