Sexism, who are more sexist, men or women? :eek:

This is a question which has become apparent to me since I started working in “women’s accessories”.

I’m identified as male. Well, what am I going to do, you suit yourselves anyway, it is not as though you are interesting people! Do whatever you want you killed me many years ago in my childhood, you depressed me and removed all the fight from me…

From personal experience I have encountered sexist attitudes from men and women. Men find it incredulous that I let my hair grow long.

From women I’ve had “You’re not going to wear that skirt”, this from my manager whilst I was looking through skirts with my colleague.

Commenting on my long hair, “Of course I don’t like it” said the cashier.

When out shopping and I tried some womens shoes on, assistant asked if I was ok, I explained that size 7 were too small, size 8 too big, assistant spoke with incredulous tones “Have you tried the mens section”, I replied “No I haven’t “, assistant sniggered.

Overall men are scared of any gender ambiguity.

Overall I have found men and women to be equally sexist.

The difference comes with the attitude and women have no shame in thier sexism and are quite happy to make any transgendered people feel uncomfortable. Going against the accepted gender norm that women are more likeley to be empathetic, softer with their attitude, well no.

Now not all women have the horrid sexist attitude, but those that do tend to be nasty and bitchy with it.

And just so you know, if they sold more feminine styles in menswear, if they sold nice accessories for men then I would happily shop there, just because retail is too nasty and sexist.

Well then, with all the power that I am “informed” that I have, by being identified as white male middle class, tommorow I will make sure that trousers are no longer available for women to buy, because they really don’t want them, women prefer skirts or dresses.

If retail does not begin to sell to the male effeminate market then women will not ever have equality, and it is evidenced very cleary that in womens minds equality equates to women can choose trousers or skirt, but men can only have trousers and men must have less choice… because we are inferior? Men are second class citizens, because there is less choice, whilst at the same time being informed that we have some kind of supremecy, oh here, you have less choice because you have all the power!?!?!?!?

You talk ugly British gibberish.

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