Natalie Bennett and The Green Party

I like Natalie Bennett. I like Natalie Bennett because I find her strong minded. I like natalie Bennett because she seems to me to have a good grasp of figures, data and monetary. I like Natalie Bennett because she has a pragmatism that is unparalleled in British politics.

When I was growing up solar panels were quite the new thing, new tech, and so had an impracticality about them, connecting them up, efficiency. Today solar panels are ready to go, similarly other renewables, there really is no excuse for not having solar panels available for every household in Britain. When I was growing up TV’s used those large vacuum tubes and no doubt used more electricity because the components were inefficient in comparison with today’s electrical components, I see no excuse for not having televisions running off solar/rechargeable batteries, in much the same way as a mobile phone, indeed my mobile phone is more powerful than my television and it uses less electricity!

The Green party may have been viewed as idealists in the past, a party with nice ideas but lacking pragmatism, today with Natalie Bennett I feel confident in the Green party to deliver. Along with the pragmatism comes a call for social justice so desperately lacking in our communities, “As a whole”, all to often, in much the same way as the Conservatives lording it over the whole population when they achieve less than a third of the vote, so big companies dictate what computer we buy, what clothes we’re allowed to like, our freedom of choice is a sham, i used to use iMeem for social media, a cleanly written piece of software very like facebook, after the 2008 financial crash the company went bust… so now I have no choice? now I have to use Facebook? Really? This is how democracy works? less choice???
I am ready to vote green.

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