Men are mentally ill

Men are mentally ill.

Men are repressed.

When humans are not allowed to express themselves they are repressed.

Boys are repressed, through lack of choice in clothing and through perceived “Manly” “Not manly” pursuits.

We need to talk about numbers.

How many men “crossdress”, how many men would like to crossdress? I know that also humans can “Can’t think of the word”… disassociate…

Sometimes when a man wants to experiment, he may get a woman, with a cover story of she’s my girlfriend, then he’ll get her to wear clothing that secretly he wishes to wear !!!!! Yes for real, such is the guilt trip laid upon men who show any wish to express anything considered “Feminine” and therefore “off bounds” to men (& here we’re talking about “men” with respect to that arbitrary decision made by a midwife/nurse looking at a baby’s genitals…..(Egads this is difficult to talk through))

We have to reveal numbers… let’s say there are 3 websites where transgendered individuals can go, so each web site has 10,000 members, so already that is 30,000.

I came out to myself relatively recently and I can say that unless you are intimately involved you may live your life without ever coming into contact with an openly transgendered person. This means a lack of awareness about transgenderism.

There must be many transgendered individuals who live in secret, in torment, in a netherworld (I have a strong compulsion to fix this situation).

So 30,000 sign up to transgender websites, we know that many people are not overly comfortable with computers, and something for me personally, people may not feel comfortable with pictures involving scantily clad people (Some are more accepting some less)

So another 10,000 who don’t sign up to websites…

Then those who are not open to themselves, those who feel they need to hide their true feelings & here we hit a problem, because to go on we have already assumed some numbers, to go further we would be making decisions for people without their input and whilst we may have a case to do such a thing, I personally feel it morally corrupt, but more than that… We need people to feel that they can speak up and be open and I feel that our society prevents this openness, through repression, through ridicule.

I suggest surveys, and I suggest broadcast media :Wah: wait, the broadcast media we have is horrid, and has an anti trans agenda? but wait podcasting is great and it is a new media, we can really jump on this and broadcast a trans friendly agenda (I make a podcast called XXXtra files)

We need to survey all men in the country and see how many of them would like to wear a dress, how many would mind if their colleague wore a dress. A common myth is that men are aggressively homophobic, but i feel that that just isn’t the case, where this is the case can be where men are showing off to women, where men feel that need to play up to the tough guy stereotype, something that alludes to a romantic notion of what men are from a woman’s perspective/perceived perspective.

WAHHHHHHH my head hurts xx

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