Stalking the void

Like I am writing a fanzine 🙂

Ok, this is my mad mish mash of ideas.

There is a band called Voidstalker, they’re making good musics 🙂

The concept of them, and they themselves seem to fire my imagination, artistically,  I made a couple of pics for them.

I have now written a song 😮 & we have to bear in mind that my writing words skills are better than my music making skills.

I have recorded the song, what is recorded is not quite what’s in my head :endless frustration:

here is the song I recorded; “Stalking the void”StalkingTheVoid recorded by Tablet

StalkingTheVoid recorded by phone

I recorded on 2 devices, hoping that the tablet version would sound more distorted/dirty,

I like something a bit like this; Daisy Chainsaw on The Word #DirtyBass

And the guitar riff to be sharper a bit like this; Johnny Depp & Maryln Manson Beautiful people

& Some “Rolling drums, the way snare drums are used for military prossession sometimes, but something lower than snares… oh you know more like Adam Ants drummer, he’s good.

Nay indeed drums akin to the above “Beautiful People vid”

These are the lyrics;

Hell fire and brimstone, from the volcano……
Just an aside
Trapped in deep ocean gasping for air……
Just an aside
We’re stalking the void and sending music from there
We’re fighting through misery, an’ that fog of despair
We’re making our music & if you want to know where
Listen to the ether, we’ll be there.

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