Our kooky little solar system

Ok… stay with;

Sun (Huge burny thing), 4 inner rocky planets, Mercury with crust “Blasted away” (it’s more kinda just dried out and crumbled away… like being in an oven 😮 (This blog does not attempt to stay rigidly in the lines of real world physics… how would one get around problems if one held on to rigidity? Newton did that, Einstein did that & I’m better than both of them put together, at seeing this without hard fast boundries and rules anyway),

Then Venus, a planet with a slowed rotation and a runaway greenhouse effect.

The Earth, with a good sized moon to keep it stable.

Mars, smaller than Earth with two small moons, presumed captured asteroids, moons not large enough to stabalise the planet and planet may have “Flipped”
a few times, Mars also lacks a magnetosphere.

The asteroid belt, and then on to Jupiter.

Perhaps then Jupiters huge gravity prevented Mars from being bigger? That could also explain the asteroid belt…

Saturn, a gas giant with rings… made largley of ice… anybody think this may be the result of Saturn ensnaring comets?

Uranus, a planet knocked on its side (My personal theory here is for a planet x, which orbits the sun but vertically, it could be lost forever, or maybe it would appear again suddenly and surprise us all…)

Neptune a sentinal, the last large planet, after this only asteroids, comets and dwarf planets? Who knows.

So our solar system works… a lot like clockwork! Imagine then we have an orrery, made of brass, motors and cogs, we place a new planet, with a new cog, between Earth and Mars, but it doesn’t fit the model, and so chaos ensues, our model is now twisted metal.

The only problem I have with this solar system is that its a little too kooky, almost as if some alien being/god or just a something wanted to show us how to build a planet, we have examples of how not to do it with all the other planets, more especially if we concentrate on the inner rocky planets. Wanted to show us how to make a good planets, like the Earth, just right with it’s orbit, moon and magnetosphere.

Adrian Spalinky

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