Vamping it up

  • Acorn Meadows night time park apartment, spooked up a bit.

    Used items;


    Park life ring
    Park rail crossing reward
    Park railway track reward
    Park iron lamp post reward
    Park train engine
    Park train seat
    Pumpkin seat
    Park rock seat reward
    Park Bench reward


    Weather cube = rain
    Weather cube – Falling leaves
    nDreams Clocks: Victorian
    BoxBeats mini: Rock
    nDreams ‘Nightmare Collection’: Werewolf Run


    Loot fog machine
    Loot active light


    Weeping willow
    Self assembley weeping willow
    Candle of one hundred tales


    Neon Dolphin Wall Art
    Lockwood orb light – Arctic


    Juggernaut Observer
    Bubble fissure
    werewolf Gravestone

    Unknown/Sony Computer Entertainment

    Retro flying ducks
    Bakerlite radio
    EG Lawn sofa

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