My Playstation history

This is a bitter sweet blog.

I didn’t own a PSX, didn’t really have the disposable income… but would I have owned one? I don’t think so… I was still embroiled in my Atari st computing.

I’m not a huge gamer, although I would say I’m an enthusiast, I like to see what’s around… at least there have been times when its been worthwhile, though other times when it has not.

I got hmv vouchers from work, a raffle prize, I didn’t know what to spend them on! Half considered a Sony minidisk player…

But the PSOne is what I went for, Playstation were pretty much dominating the market (comp,letley sanguin here, I wanted a computer that could do some word processing, a lot of art and sometimes games… doesn’t everyone? apparently not narf).

The PSOne looked attractive and I do demand decent asthetics, as we will see, and in the more sophisticated slimmer casing, the PSOne definitley appealed to me more than the ugly grey box PSX.


I enjoyed Tenchu & Clin McRae rally, and a dance game, along with a dance mat.

I ignored the PS2. its ugly. Mostly what I saw of the games it was very geared towards fps(First Person Shooters) & don’t get me started on my hatred for them, but even there, Atari ste’s Substation was cool, WolfenstEin was limited but fun, DUKE NUKEM was funny and playable.

But mostly I find fps’s bland and unimaginative. The artwork is dull and the senario’s tedious.

A friend got the “washing the windows” game, which was a little fun. I saw it had “Buzz”, & I like quizzing, but I didn’t see any trailers, and we now reach an age when a product, be it a game, a film or some tech equipment can die before the majority has given it a chance, those stupid moronic magazine reviews and everybody reads them and accepts what they say 😦 depression overload.

now, Atari st was long long gone, I’d now had a pc since 95/98 or so, it was depressing, and I’ve used that term twice and rightly so, if you are a tech head reading this and you love tech, then I want you dead and buried, cos tech was a pile of crap from the mid 90’s onwards. I got an Apple Mac Quadra 840av circa 2001, it did a reasonable job, some basic art packages, damn good video recording, it was nice to play the PSOne through the 840av, it could manage word processing, and had a smattering of reasonable games… IT WAS NO ATARI ST, the software is always so limited on Apple macs, Apple are control feaks, to the extent that the had a magnificent product in the 840av, but because they failed to utilise it via the software they published, a third party developer made much better software.

Me and Apple can only ever be fairweather friends.

Me and Microsoft are sworn enemies.

And yet, my partner wanted a computer for word processing, I don’t have a deep interest in office software and so another pc was bought, Windows xp 😦

lots of virus/malware, lots of blue screen. Lots of hard drive crashes. I have a box full of crap, pci cards, old memory, old broken power supply, a fan broke, with the cost of all that crap, cost of office software (needed up to date software for sons schoolwork), that and the cost of anti virus/anti malware the windows xp pc was an absolute joke, a pile of expensive crap, quite possibly the biggest waste of money I have ever spent.

So, ps2’s no fun, Apple’s expensive, and limited and pc’s worse than bad, how does anybody get on in this world? what a bad bad joke.

In 2010, a friend suggested a ps3.

I got a pretty good deal, and a love affair has ensued. It works. I’ve bought extras, which although a little costly, they work. I love Little big planet and got into PlaystationHome, a free to access 3d virtual world. My PS3 is a nice media centre, playing films, bbc iplayer.

I was a little dissapointed, the music player on the ps3 isn’t the best. I had hoped for a music player akin to the PSOne’s.

The PS3 has nice sleek shaping too, I also have a newer PS3 and like its shape also, a little barrel/bullnosed, reminds me a little of the original Commodore 64 πŸ™‚

PS4… why bother, an ugly wedge & fps’s 😦

oh gawd we’re going backwards!

oh well I havemy Android tablet, my android phone and my ps3’s with all that, I’m as happy as a pig in muck πŸ™‚


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