How good is your operating system?

First thing the title assumes is that you know how to judge an operating system (os).

secondly we assume that you know what you want your os to do.

What we do assume (& personally I know) is that 90% of people who use a co puter are not geeky enough to care about the first two questions, let alone the other aspects that make up an os.

an os controls a computer, most modern os’s now have a “point and click” interface. Other interfaces would be cli (Command Line Interface), and touch screen, which is largely point and click for touch screen enabled devices.

We are talking here now about psychology.

If we lok at a playstation 3 it has an os, called the XMB bar.This is a scrolling and contextual menu interface.

is any one of these styles of os better than another? Yes, but only relativley, whereas it is decided generally for us that we shall have touch screen for our mobile phones and generally that is the right choice… but what if you cpould only afford £80, you needed a computer but also a phone, your option may be to get a cheap smartphone, but using the smartphone as your main computer, you would likely buy a bluetooth keyboard to use with it.

An os needs to provide you with the options available to you, but to also have them organised so that you don’t have to “think” about where to find that calculating the size of planets piece of software…

This could be a difficult task, trying to tie down, to tether the human brain… we should all be logical and live in a box hahahaha

Windows for me fails on so many aspects.

1. dissorganised and unintuative.

Windows tells me to tidy my icons from the desktop, I constan tly and consistently kept my icons on the desktop, I knew what I wanted and where I wanted it.

When I want to move files, I want to see both directories, see what is in both directories, see information about both directories,

Windows isn’t keen on letting me see more than one directory.

2. Unadaptable

Well, that is wrong, but not in the way you imagine, with Windows you can adjust settings for eveything(most things), but you try finding those settings, hours, days, weeks, even. Months I think have been lost searching for “that setting” so most people just leave it as they found it, most especially because it would be hard work to set up the computer how they like it.

3. virus/malware ridden

The nature of windows, means that people can write software for a windows pc, stop.

The nature of microsoft and modern american business, which incedentally, through bullying of foreign markets is also a model of business for most countries. We get competing companies, in order to get/have competing companies we need companies that have similar qualities, so that they compete, and in the world of computers, for reasons best known to politicians and shady deals the only two companies who could compete in the computer market were two white middle class kids from America.

So who are these two kids selling to? One is selling to businesses who want something standard and rigid, something they can get their employees to use to do exciting things, you know like typing words, producing bar charts and pie graphs.

The other sells to people who want to think they are using a computer constructively,  for making stupid photoshop pictures, or for making some music, because heaven forbid they would use an instrument to play music, well, they might use an instrument, but then they would have to computerise it somehow, otherwise how could they take all the life and soul out of the music?

I guess we can seethat I view this world negatively.

So what do I like?

Apple os 8.1 was pretty ok.

Atari st Gem in its later days in the mid 1990’s was getting pretty good.

Android has made a strong showing and is proving to be robust and adaptable.

Playstation 3, it’s rigid, but it works.

The remote control interface haha

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