Monster Chick Flick

  • MonsterChickFlick001

    Wardrobe Items used

    • Hair Granzella, Edo Gunfighter Ponytail (From gunfighter set). £1.59
    • Hands Granzella, Edo Rifle (From gunfighter set)
    • Torso Veemee, B Movie Madness – Vampire Torso £0.79
    • Legs Veemee B Movie Madness – Vampire Legs £0.79
    • Feet Granzella, Edo Boots (from gunfighter set)
    • Accessories Rockabilly Rose Cat Eye Sunglasses – Fern £0.40

    I’m at the Arctic expidition personal space, in a little “disco section”, of my own creating, mixed a couple of funky concepts, rather Thelma and Louise, with some cool 50’s monster style thrown in for good measure.

    I got the gunfighter costume from Granzella’s Edo section, and then mixed it in with the B movie Vampire costume…

    Don’t mess with this girl, for she dun gonna shoot you up.

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