Clomp clomp clomp

Gillians travels

She strode out, into the lake, a hot sunny day, she wore her all in one, long sleeved, frill skirted swimming costume. The water felt cool and soothing after the dry itchy sand. There was no need to swim, but there was a need to escape the red haired witch &. The Blue haired malicious demi god. They threw sticks and stones at her, but they could not leave their island for they had small minds and feared what existed beyond the pale blue waters.

Sticks with sharp spikes and stones of fiery coal landed all around her and every so often struck her soft skin, leaving scars, it seemed to take forever to escape them, but finally she reached a safe distance, wading now, deep, the water to her neck. After more time, she grew tired, would she never find land again? She kep on nodding off, then jerking awake, until at last she slept, and floated.

She was roused by noise, tiny voices shouting, a ship had her tied and was attempting to bring her ashore, ashore? yes she had reached land. She coughed, spluttered, she turned, but the ropes tangled, the ship wobbled throwing the little people about. She tried to lie still. Sorry she called and this seemed to appease the little people somewhat.

“Cut the ropes” she heard a small gruff voice call and in short time she flet the ropes slacken. She sat up, ever so slowly and spluttered some more.

She turned. A whole village of people, no bigger than fingers, stood agog.

She smiled, “What is this magical place”

The same small gruff voice that had called for the ropes to be cut came forward, stood on a crate and spoke;

“We are Lawrakshire, land of the good workers, land of the fine arts and land of considered gentlefolk…. & prey tell, where do beautiful giants come from?”

she blushed.

“I lived, I was on an island, so far away, but I was not treated well, I ran away, I absconded, for two witches persecuted me and left me with terrible scars and burns”

She showed her scarred arms and the crowd gasped.

“I am Meryl”, said the man, causing our giantess to be surprised, but she bit her tongue.

“And what is your name Madame?”

again she blushed, not used to being treated kindly.

Then she frowned a little, “I do not have a name, they would not permit it”

the crowd gasped and gossiped to each other.

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