You are my dystopian depression

There does appear disparity between crossdressing for fun and for dressing full time/because it’s what we are.

However if we ask those painfully “things that must never be said” questions,

Who won the war, the nazis or the gangsters.

So all men must be gangsters and all women get to be gangsters molls.

It is painful for me to watch people going crunchingly slow through the concepts of what being a woman means,.

The cheap thrills crossdressers appear a bit offensive, as it seems they take a tiny peek at transgenderism and then they run through the streets parading its underwear.

I find it painful to be british, way too much gibbering british morons it makes me depressed.

We are brainwashed as kids, by women who were brainwashed by second world war propaganda that men are just machines to do fighting and protecting.

I am not your machine, I am not your toy, you are my dystopian depression.

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