English football

I don’t like English football.

What a strange person I am? What a strange niche I’m in.

What I get from other people is scary, I am white, born “male”, therefore I am told, I can do whatever I want! I am crying at how wrong bad and offensive I find that attitude.

I’m English and I am pretty proud to be English, there is a great kindness and warmth in our country, that warmth dissapears once English becomes British.

My friends at school were junior school Ravinda Basra, Pauline Oakley and an English guy. I personally found being with girls a bit easier than being with boys. My school was a Christian school, but other faiths could attend and we were always taught to show respect? No something much more important, to show kindness.

We played football once or twice, we much preferred Rounders.

Then in secondary school we had to play football. That ended up being every lesson. We asked to be allowed other sports but we had football every lesson, in the wind, the rain, I even remember we were taken once when it was snowing 😦

That pretty much broke me as a person, I started skyving off school. For a while at one point my Dad was writing me a sick note every PE lesson, he would take me fishing… well, I appreciated being outdoors, but I didn’t like touching the maggots eww.

That set me up as anti football.

Then there was the point were I would be asked constantly if I would be voting conservative or labour, I was still a kid, they were asking how my parents would vote 😦 & then in similar vein do I support Liverpool or Manchester,

I can also tell you that BBC TV reported on football every news bradcast, when I wanted to know how Robert Millar was doing in the Tour de France, the BBC reported on football.

I had no interest and hated the world and certainly “The English”

What a change from my junior years!

In latter years I have enjoyed watching Alan Shearer play football and David Beckham is a good footballer, Shearer is by far the nicer person 🙂

Then I was inited to a pub to see a football match, Holland were playing, I quite enjoyed the play.

So now I question if it is football I hate at all, and the answer that comes back is that I hate “English football”. We have our moments but English footbal is overbearing and ugly.

We look at our wins on the global stage, few and far between & that’s got to be pretty telling from a country that many consider football to be the national game. Well, until England learn to work together as a team, and more importantly England have to recapture the kindness and friendliness.


The only way is to kill them with kindness tinged with practicality.

I know so many warm, frienly English people who make me so so proud of my country, there is a subset, a culture of supremacists….. we are not the best when we decide that we’re arbitrarily better, but only when we work at being better.

We are not the best when we use a bullying culture (Sir Alex Ferguson, maybe a revolting exception to the rule :p),  we are best when we use a supportive culture, a nurturing culture.

England is not a positive place, ergo, we do not play positive football, ergo we don’t win.

My favourite football teams are Netherlands, Japan, Uraguay and the best team in the world Croatia 🙂

England are very very low down on the list… only just above Argentina :RALMAO:

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