I don’t dare to write this, and we can probably all guess why.

A lot of computer games feature guns (and most of them are pretty boring btw), and what is the problem with that? just cos somebody spend a few hours blasting computer sprites…

It has an effect, and not necessarily in the way you would imagine, but it does something much more insidious. It plants the idea that guns get you what you want, it does more then, it normalises guns, it’s only natural to want a gun, listen, guys want guns, guys want guns so they can shoot people so they can get what they want… what do they want?

let’s transwarp

Women, have you got your beach body ready? :wah:, listen, women want fashion, they like style, advertising plants the idea that women own style,

So, are we clear? Men like guns and women are just gangsters molls!?!?!?

wait! what? how did we get there?

by normalising “beach body”, by normalising “gun toting” what message are we giving, you tell me.

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