Modern equality

In circa 1980, My Mother came downstairs in a pair of trousers. My Mother was not the slimmest woman, the trousers were brown and very stretched over the stomach/crotch area, not a sight which I particularly wished to see, but nonetheless this was a statement of intent from my Mother, something to do with something (I was 8 years old and please forgive me I am guessing the exact year(i am now 43)), So “equality” was happening and we were supposed to be positive and supportive to my Mother, about the same time I remember my elder sister had Pink pedal pushers (trousers) and I wanted to wear the pink pedal pushers, but then equality is clearly a one way street that only women can drive down :(.

I was bought Star Wars figures, Dinosaurs, a robot that walked/wheeled itself accross the floor and then it’s chest opened up to fire laser guns :(,  and a machine gun…

I knitted skirts for the Star Wars figures.

I enjoyed a dinosaur book I was given, which had lovely artwork and was more like a natural history program as opposed to “the dinosaurs roared”.

I struggled through school, I will tell you that in P.E when somebody a good foot taller than you runs at you to get the ball, you give up the ball, and in the changing rooms you just hide.

I got A* in typing so when I left school I was “offered” (no choice in it) a bricklaying course.

Great Britain and women do not get any forgiveness from me. I do not accept the way I have been treated.

I now need somebody to explain to my 7 year old son why I can’t wear the flower headband he bought me when I take him to school, and why he gets teased because his favourite colour is pink, (this has been further explored and his favourite colour is magenta).

When women talk about equality it makes my toes curl, clearly equality is women getting freedom to choose how to express themselves, clearly men are allowed to choose anything they want (as all the shops selling dresses for men attest?!?!?!?), so long as what a man chooses is exactly what women think men should choose.

Are women malicious? Or do they just not get the concept of equality?

Women are deeply sexist, they raise boys with a sexist agenda and then point the finger at the men they grow up to be giddly proclaiming them sexist.

Women restrict boys freedom of expression, then point the finger at the men they grow up to be giddly proclaiming “look men don’t express themselves”

I have complete freedom to do anything I want, just so long as it’s exactly what women think I should want to do.

It is suggested to me that I am free to dress as I choose in the privacy of my own home, but when I go to work I then have to degrade myself and wear trousers shirt and tie, in order to fit in to some moronic romantic ideal that women have in their heads, whereas the women I work with get to wear blouses, skirt, dress, trousers, and then shoes, why would I want to wear socks and shoes on a hot sweaty day?!?! But the women get to wear light shoes without socks!

I cry and know that the world is a deeply sexist place, which women control, if women want equality they will need to take some responsibility and behave with more maturity.

And so long as we can move forward and so long as we stick to the plan “We’re all in this together” then I’ll have no need to air my petty recriminations.

I see scant little evidence that women want equality.

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