XXXTRA files House of TransAm part 2


Mulder sat in his rental car, Scully in a hotel bed.
Mulder uses night vision goggles, he sees a pick up truck, drive up to the house and dump something. Mulder watches the pick up drive off & then goes over to see what was dumped. He begins to unroll carpet he hears some gruff murmuring, but just as he gets to some flabby hairy body, he’s disturbed.


An old man & woman, he is shaped like a scalene triangle, her like an isosceles triangle, point up. Pass the shovel Clyde proclaims Bonnie and she steps about Mulder with devious intent, “Thwang!!!” Mulders clobbered.

Fade out.

It’s early morning, that eerie twilight time.

Scully using a flashlight to examine Mulders abandoned car, concluding Mulders not inside, she hurrumphs and gets her gun and stomps off towards the mysterious House of TransAm. Scully now snooping around looking for a way in, she finds a bathroom window left ajar, the smell is strong, from leaf blocked drains she feels, Scully covers her mouth with a silk head scarf, tied like a bandit. She forces the window, the wood gives due to it being old and rotten, Scully’s in, in a creepy bathroom, mould in the bath, Scully eyes some bleach and she plies it liberally in the toilet and in the bath and sink, and then she sprays some aerosol freshener., she opens the door carefully to enter the main building, the other side of the door takes her aback after the abandoned bathroom, the adjoined corridor is shiny tiled, wooden walled, kept pristine, and; not a mark of dirt, Scully brandashing her flashlight and gun heads around a corner, she spies a door, tests it, She’s in, a room, with a medical table, the sight before her churns her stomach, and cuts through to her bones. Mulder is strapped to the table, a plethora of medical equipment, but then in jars, body parts, female body parts, it seems for, for attaching to a male body, or more than attatching, amalgamation, mulder has been waxed, hairless, and a picture beside him shows what the surgeon would hope to acheive.

Scully now has to remove straps from Mulders body… she tries hard not to touch him. Mulder rouses, Scully?

End of part 2.

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