XXXtra files the house of TransAm Part 4

Scully gets backup and revisits the house of TransAm

Something’s different, but Scully can’t quite put her finger on it. She’s amassed a swat team, she stands at the front door, two Swats at her side, no answer from knocking, they break the door down, head inside to find, to find an old house, nothing more, nothing like what Scully had described, just an old derilict abandoned house.

They leave and Scully red faced. Scully heads to the hospital.

Scully at the hospital, but Mulder is gone, he was discharged by an elderly couple matching Bonnie and Clyde’s decriptions, Scully presses and investigates and an Amish parking attendant, Ishmael, a tall chap whom Scully finds oddly familiar, but unable to put her finger on where she would know him from,reveals they left in a faded blue pickup and headed west. Scully co opts Syd the parking attendant, to help her chase down Bonnie and Clyde, in his horse and wagon (I really like Wagon wheels ;p yum),  and so off they trot.

“Can’t this thing go any faster” complains Scully. “She’ll get there in her own good time” Ishmael implies about the horse, yes old Betsy’s reliable alright and  you don’t need to worry yourself, we’re gonna track down those Haberthwackers, I used to do animal tracking when I was young, I learnt a lot”

Camera pans to Scully who is rolling her eyes in disbelief.

“There they are now” exclaims Ishmael, “See I had a feeling they’d take that route, that’s why I took this shortcut… you want me to head them off?”
“Can we just follow them” Scully asks surreptitiously. “Well, that depends on how far you think they’re going” “Ishmael responds. “Not too much further if my hunch is right” Scully replies back. “Well then, I guess you following my hunch and me following your hunch in turn makes pretty good sense, only Betsy couldn’t go on for more than 40 miles without a stop for food and water I’d say” finishes Ishmael.

They follow. They see Bonnie and Clyde, climb out of their TransAm and go down a secret back passage. Scully gets out of the wagon.

“Say, you gonna be OK? You want me to come with you” Ishmael asks, “What I need you to do is to call this number and let my boss know where I am”, “Well, OK, but I don’t know where the nearest phone’d be” Ishmael replies, but Scully is already heading towards the House, she sneaks in just before a metal door closes, its dark, almost pitch black, Scully has to wait for her eyes to get used to the light, she can smell concrete and something else, something unpleasant, as her eyes adjust, she can see yellow skips, only bareley, and they’re full, and Scully doesn’t want to see, she can smell and she has a fair idea of what’s in the skips.

Scully edges slowly forward trying not to make a sound.

End of Part 4

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