Drag queens

What do I think about drag queens?
A great many things.
In general I have not found drag queens to be a great positive in my life, though a huge negative… well, I don’t know what to say about that, kinda esoteric, if I wanted I could wish ill of drag queens, but the truth for drag queens is even worse than that.

There are many things insulting in life, bbc tv, simon cowell, newspapers in general, the complete destruction of computing as worthwhile, also known as microsof and apple, there are so many things insulting before I get to drag queens and this is the drag queens lott, mildly insulting freak shows, wheeled out for free gay events in order to make gay people feel comfortable that they’re “understanding” in some way of a man who wants to wear a dress…. well the “in some way” is true I guess.

I have seen 3 drag queens that I have enjoyed, in total I have seen… 13 drag queens in total, that figure could be higher, truth is I forget them, I ignore them, they are somewhat irrelevant to my daily life, (oh yeah just thought of another, so that’s 14 :rolleyes:)

All this makes it sound like I would ban drag queens from performing at pride events, and/or that I would see them dissapear in general and this just isn’t quite true.

Some people enjoy drag queens, some people find the world of drag useful, some people use the drag world & I have no need to ban drag queens, nor to attack drag queens… per se, but, here is the but, I am not a drag queen, I was born and identified as male, I do not identify with how society would treat me and I do not wish to adhere to the dress code enforced by society, through commercial outlets and through the workplace, I find people are generally Insulting, society cannot run around proclaiming “We defeated Hitler, freedom equality, freedom equality, oh yeah but by the way if you were born male as we define it then you must wear trousers” YAWN! Does society really just not get the concept of freedom? of equality? & then, where are the drag queens? in what possible way are drag queens of any use to me? My workplace imposes a sexist dress code, who will help me? Women who moan about sexism? not a chance, drag queens? not a chance indeed if equality was alowed it would make drag queens less shocking and drag queens would lose out as a result, drag queens and “old world feminists) have a vested interest in keeping sexism alive, they nurture it.

Putting a drag queen on the bill at your pride event does not engratiate you to me.

Try getting some artists who are trans, there’s quite a lot of them, some have been big stars, many are sat in their bedroom, all dressed up, guitar in hand (I play bass), they make songs, they make art, invite them, give them a talent show, encourage them and be gentle with them, we all know the loud uncouth tranny who had to grow some balls in order to be themselves, well there are just as many transgendered people who are shy and meek, lest their halfway, not plastered with foundation, indeed we need to kill “passing”, yes, that passing that women feel they have to do, that passing that a man in a dress feels the need to do, and indeed that passing that a man in trousers feels the need to do, yes that’s right men put on a front too, they’re scared to groom themselves for fear of being called sissy, they’re more likley to fall into scruffy or rough and ready because that’s what is aimed at them via media.

I will not tell you to ban drag queens, but I will tell you that we need to improve equality in our society for the general good of our society.

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