Why I’m not a geek

I want to be a geek, I can sometimes be geeky and this is messed up for me, so for my own coherency (& If you’re reading this, hopefully for your entertainment), here are my reasons for why I’m not a geek;

  1. I’m not a geek, plain and simple, I don’t have the time nor the patience, I like the things I like, but have no time for things I don’t like…. err, when I relly like something I learn all I can about it… erm… this argument isn’t going well, it did earlier when it was in my own head…
  2. I have no time for Star Trek is better than Star Wars and/or vice versa, they both have different characteristics, and how can we not have Darth Vader has teamed up with the Borg & the Cybermen have teamed up with Cylons, I kinda love it all, I love the ideas…. ermmm o oh, again the argument just really isn’t being carried here…
  3. I like to quote SciFi in my everyday life, so I can say, Shaka when the walls fell, in place of ahh, so you see what I’m saying, or “Don’t you get it!? We’re all monkeys…. a, hem… errr, I’m loosing the argument here

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