FPS’s aren’t the only fruit

Sitting here, wanting to play Turrican, new Turrican.

For those who don’t know, Turrican is perhaps what 2d platformers could be.

When we think 2d platformers & we think of Nintendo Mario Bros, we want to cry.

Turrican was highly detailed containing many worlds, impressive very changing to suit the environment music score, Turrican went from rocky landscape, to caves, to clouds, to under water, to mechanoid world, to Alkien spaceship.

Now for my title, an anti fps title? Well, not really, I quite like fps’s, well, that is to say Duke Nukem was fun, Wolfenstein was fun, Substation st was… errr, creepy moody and fun.

Anything from Doom onwardsis just drab. It’s not that I have a problem with fps’s, but the games industry, and the hoops I am expected to jump through in order to, in order to what? Well, the only motivation I can see is to please the developer who made the game and the tasks are so mind numbingly tedious.

I played Red Dead, gameplay is appaling.
I played Fallout 3, the boring trudgery just never ends.
I played Bioshock, the baddies are quite, well, they come fast and with different styles…. if only I had any interest in killing them, but hey’re just irrelevant sprites at the end of the day.

It’s difficult to have this conversation, because “Gamers” (& I am damn angry that that term is used for these people) get so precious if anyone is critical.

I like games, I like political strategy games, platformers, tactical games, point and click adventures!!!

I am a Gamer and I have no interest in the Playstation 4

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