Gender dysphoria, the bigger issue

There is a bigger question.

Trans websites, the members, other websites, I apologise, but it’s just not enough, &. I hope we all agree on that, the suicide rate speaks for itself.

If there is better support, more understanding, then a) We would live on a nicer planet b)

like this, how would you know if you have bi-polar disorder? Well many sufferers don’t know, indeed, they become adept at “hiding” the problem, some of them don’t get treatment & yet still make something of themselves.

Some people have gender dysphoria but don’t realise it?

I have more to say and could well back that up, but I have been known to get off track.

& c) better support & a more understanding society could well make the trauma, divorce rates,  & family units split up rates less harrowing.

For me there is no choice, I cannot break up my family unit, either financially nor would my family unit want the split, but equally I cannot exist in this society, it is “wrong”,  & I see no room for argument on that.

I have sore knees, I think I’ll not wear high heels again 😦 so maybe I should give up? lol, no, I make flats look good I try to get what I can from life & try to support others where I can.

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