Sometimes things may be offensive… I find almost everything people do offensive, at school being told to believe in God, they may as well have said I had to believe in a pink dragon with green spots, it just felt so banal.

Having to watch insulting tv (soaps), having the sun “newspaper” in our house, being told by other kids at school that I had to support liverpool or manchester in football, being told I vote for labour because my parents had the labour poster in the window, and then being told that I should be voting.

I could go on and there’s so much more.

Perhaps the most banal insult I face would be being told that I should, or even worse that I shouldn’t find something offensive! :()

If you don’t mind I can make my own mind up as to wether or not I find something offensive.

Sometimes things are offensive, but become commonplace and so people accept them. I remember the phrase “Margaret Thatcher, bum scratcher” becoming popular, but then my Dad putting a stop to it, even though we despise Thatcher.

The word “Tranny” is generally offensive, and just because you may have managed to use that in a way that benefitted you does not change whether the term is offensive, just because you feel you benefit from accepting its usage does not make it inoffensive.

I also noted the “I’m thick skinned so I can take it” attitude and the “other people should just toughen up”,

Sorry but no.

You are not going to bully me any more.

I don’t like you, I don’t like your town, I don’t wanna like you, I’ll shop around.

I can understand the acceptance of Tranny and as a laugh sometimes I might use it, but just because I use it doesn’t mean it’s inoffensive,  but if you insist on using it, don’t pretend it’s ok, don’t speak on my behalf, speak for yourself .

To my mind, not necessarily to yours, the word Tranny translates as “bloke in a dress”, and I don’t feel like a bloke, I struggle to recognise any of the conventions of being a man applying to myself, I am not a tranny because I am not an object for you to ridicule, for you to use, I’m a living breathing sensitive person with feelings, I don’t need to “Man up”, nor to grow some balls, I need the world to stop insulting me, but it doesn’t,  you are offensive and I have just gotten so used to the world being offensive that… not that it doesn’t upset me, but I have found ways of coping.

… now you just have to choose whether or not to find my blog offensive :smirk: xx

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