I’m the worst person in the world, ever… well, maybe, I’m selfish, I’m happy to help others, but need to sort myself out first, I used to care about being a “Good” person, but more recently i just think sod it! haha, I am dangerously out of control… and the worst of it is that I have started to start making some kind of sense :Wah:

Things can be tough, it is really good to have something to focus on, so set a goal, like I’ll do like, “Must be nice to at least 3 people today”

I am some kind of privileged, I was so depressed, and the worst of it, all my thoughts were jumbled up and often what came out wasn’t very sound… (I should’ve gone , well, I could’ve done with talking things through with somebody, but I find it easier to talk with myself :Narf:)

Something happened, a big shift in my body chemistry, and I was happy to put it down to that, but then again it changed when I started working in Women’s accessories, so I guess being allowed to do what I like doing really had a good profound effect on me.

I like singing, and I may not be the best singer, but I enjoy trying, and i listen to music and think about how the performers make their music and how they sing, so I enjoy that and I guess really “Allowing myself to enjoy the things I enjoy”, You know how we live in an age of media that shows us, just like the Simon Cowel thing, We can only be a singer if we be a singer the way he thinks we should be a singer, but look at history, The Pogues, The Wedding Present, the Cure, really it is only for us to decide, not some jumped up media mogul.

I know myself I put too much pressure on myself to live up to society’s exacting standards, I have now started to set smaller goals for myself, sometimes taking the foot off the gas can help.

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