Playstation home public spaces

Welcome to Adrian’s PlaystationHome page

Mainly using this to populate pictures from home, just at the mo.

Boat Plane in the Adventure district, Indiana Jones Reminiscent.


Birdlike creatures (Pteradactyls?) in the Adventure district.


A Funky old projector in the Adventure district.


Lovely Flooring detail in the Adventure district.


Piglet shaped rock formation Adventure district.


& now to move on from the Adventure District to Granzella’s new apartment, City of flowers (Looks a lot like Paris)

Did I just spot Jason Bored?


Acorn Meadows Park


Congrats to the devs, Acorn Meadows park has been unprecidentally successful (So much traffic, the servers went down I believe on the first day of release)

The park is cleverly designed, what happened there? The park design means that you walk/run/ride around the park, it always feels like you are going somewhere, in reality, you’re going round in circles 🙂 It is good efficient design.

The park has activities, There’s always something to do, & the devs have put race & photo tasks which pop up fairly randomly & they are good because they give you a goal, & also get you travelling around the park & noticing/looking at things.

Acorn Meadows park is to my mind, the best designed/thought through space in Playstation Home


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