XXXtra files House of TransAm part 5

Scully edging her way along a walled basement area, sees an office, grimy perspex windows, dimly lit, a computer inside showing figures, she sees a floppy disk on the desk, she heads in, takes the disk and ejects another, she discerns the screen but cannot make much sense of what she sees, the door slams shut and “Thwang!!!” she is struck with a shovel just like Mulder was.

Scully awakes, in a hospital bed, Ishmael stand takling to Mulder who is wearing hospital clothes. Scully murmers, the guys turn around, but this is something Scully is not ready for, as Mulder turns in full make up, breasts making obvious bumps, good to see you’re awake Mulder smiles, then realises the shock on Scully’s face, and realises her surprise at his appearance. “Well, Ishmael here was such a dear, and he rescued us, we’d been abandoned, Ishmael, he’s so strong… and kind, dragged us out, and into his wagon, got us back here… “. “The perps got away I’m afraid” interjects Ishmael. a doctor has walked in and now explains that they’ll be operating on Mulder and that when the drugs wear off Mulder should be back to his old self… Scully still has drop face in disbelief, but with nothing left to say or be done, Mulder is walked away, Ishmael explains he has chores to complete and Scully is left alone, with an irritating feeling that she’s missed something.

The end (and we hear music like Eastenders end music, dramatic paced dum dum dududum dum drums, breaking into the X files theme music.

The end.

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