Playstation Home for music & comedy performance

When you buy a Playstation3 you get things which Sony do not shout enough about.

Playstation Network (PSN) gives you free text messaging, free picture messaging, free voice messaging. Sony Playstation3 (PS3) comes with Playstation Home. Playstation Home is a free virtual 3d environment. A free virtual 3d enviromnet with free text and voice messaging.

When you get Playstation home you get 1 free apartment, theHarbour studio apartment. This is your personal space, you can decorate, place interactive items and invite up to 15 friends over.

You also get to visit public spaces, from cinema, adventure district, home square, and then public spaces set up by 3rd party developers (devs), these often have free items/rewards to win.

We also get clubhouses. We have to buy a club, or you might just know somebody who has a club and they can invite you. A club costs the owner £3.99 and they get a basic clubhouse. The basic clubhouse is quite small, I have since bought/acquired clubhouse skins. A clubhouse skin just means like buying an apartment, but buying a clubhouse (we need to own a basic clubhouse in order to use other clubhouse apartments, sounds way more complicated than it is.)

Clubhouses have advantages over basic apartments. A clubhouse can accomodate 32 people. Members of the clubhouse can visit the clubhouse anytime they like whether the owner is online or not. There is a message board. Club members can be made sub leaders allowing them to post messages.

Only the clubhouse owner can redecorate.

More to follow, concerning audio broadcasting.

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