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Scene: spooky park with a bandstand.

We see mysterious unrelated objects, littering the area, a mummy’s casket, a stone head, an old fashioned radio playing a single tune over & over.

We wander over a bandstand and see a ghostly rock band playing.

On the other side of the bandstand, strange weather phenomena rain, falling leaves, snow, all next to each other.


Over a small bridge, we see a mysterious figure sitting on rocks.

Then we see a life ring & a body. Tapping my communicator I call for help, send an ambulance! right away.

I feel the body for a pulse, I try mouth to mouth & cpr. There’s no response. Then the medical team arrive, they try to get to help, but they are attacked by werewolves! they either perish or run to escape.

vamping, Werewolfing it up

The werewolves go. A defribrilator has been left, I’ve got to give it a try, I try to rip the clothes off’ve the top half of the body, but when this fails I resort to unbuttoning.

I rub the defribrilator paddles, wait for the sound that they’re charged and place them onto the chest of the body, the body jolts, but then remains limp. I try again, blurp, water escapes from the mouth, but still the body remains limp, I try again, and again and again, then the eeriest thing, the woman is standing in front of me, she is still lying limp, but she is also standing in front of me, “why are you trying so hard to save me” she asks, my minds bewildered, but focused enough to keep tryingtrying with the defrib, and the next try does it, yet more water comes out from the mouth, and then she starts to cough and splutter.

I drag her to the ambulance, she’s barley concious, mumbling incoherently, I get her onto the trolley, do my best to make sure she’s secure, then climb into the drivers seat, start up, the werewolves are back, howling, I goose the accelerator and the wheels spin, moving me nowhere, I stop. I try again, this time I notice a traction control button, I press it, and gently press the accelerator, we begin to move, a were wolf is on the ambulance, 1? or more? I swerve left and right, before mounting some kerbing, crashing through some bushes, dislodging the last of the werewolves as I hit tarmac road and speed off. I drove for hours, through the dark, and then saw a hospital. As I drove up, staff hearing the siren, rushed to help, they took the woman, and began asking me questions at which point I blanked out.

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