Dawn of the apes

Dawn of the Apes


Dawn of the Apes fearless leader 35 years old, Brunette
Lacy lou gaggin’ for you 25 years old, Blonde/Golden
Raunchy Rochelle givin’ em hell 26 years old, Dark brown


Fashion police humon ladies
Subjucated men
Hero man


Day/Sunshine blue skies

We see a supersonic jet on a runway, pan out to reveal 3 Ape ladies, walking upright as humans do, & physically fit and good/healthy looking, they are dressed in white space suits and we see them climb steps to go onto the jet.

Fade out

Fade in

We see inside a luxury jet aircraft, 6 seats down one side in rows of two. The upholstry is plush light caramel in colour. 3 small windows. On the other side we have a largish lounge area, with a table, 6 more seats, but this time they are swivel seats in a scatter arrangement. Music player & T.V. the large inbuilt screen has a small square in the bottom right corner showing maps and statistical data.

We see a chronometer showing the time: 12:03 pm

Louey and Rochelle strap in, & listen/watch instructions/guide/updates to how the mission is progressing.

Dawn heads to the pilots seat and begins flipping switches, turning dials, monitoring instruments in preparation. She then clunks a big red switch labelled “Autopilot” and she then makes her way back to the main cabin and straps in.

Dawn: Next stop Moonbase Alpha girls; lot’s of lonely guys

Dawn winks.

The girls busy themselves looking at  small screens in front of them.

Pan & zoom to corner focus upon 3D printer

lights flicker on and off on the printer indicating action.

Fade out:

Cut to:

Scene: Dark skies, swirling vortices of billowing clouds

We see the supersonic jet, climbing, but stormy weather interacts and Jet is sent into roll.

Cut to:


inside Jet, the girls see warning lights and strap themselves in, the jet begins to roll, luckily everything inside the jet is secured.

Out the window we see strange lightning effects, green, pink and orange lighting snaffling around the jet.

Our 3 heroinnes pass out and flop, whilst still being strapped upright, in their seats.

Zoom to chronometer we see the date clicking backwards down from 2413 to 2013.

Fade to black:

Fade in:

Scene: inside the jet, it is dark, a few lights flicker, Louey rouses and after a moment she instinctively reaches to the screen in front of her, it snaps on and she is taken aback, the screen shows oustide, nighttime they’re on an airport runway, with emergency vehicles arriving, but all the architecture, the runway, the colours are all gone, the shapes are the same as from her world, but it’s like all the colours have been washed away.

As Louey unclipped herself Rochelle and Dawn began to rouse. The door of the jet suddenly opens.

Sound FX: hiss

Women police entered the plane.

Lead police woman: Ghunta eschweld tinenham!?

Rochelle: The translator’s struggling

Police women are edgy and bullish, they aren’t going to be gentle, and upon seeing 3 alien ape women, they panic, they get a net gun, shoot it and our heroines are tied up and dragged off  the plane unceromoniously.

Fade out:

Fade in:

A secure centre (prison), everything is pristine, men in dresses mill around, cleaning walls, floors, office equipment etc. Women stand gaurd with electric batons.

Our 3 heroines enter through a door and are cajoled to a check in desk. Translation still isn’t happening, and despite a wish for them to sign, all that gets done is that they have their photo’s taken. They are then led through a far door into incarceration.

Cut to large prison cell with lots of inmates, all male, all wearing what we would percieve as traditionally women’s clothing. The men are scared to look directley at our heroines and the men shuffle away.

Louey walks over to one of the men, and gently grabs his arm, at first he resists but then, he feels somewhat secure and Louey leads him over to her comrades and sits the man on a chair. The man has long hair and a silky blouse and a grey pencil skirt. Louey opens her utility belt and takes out a brush. At first the man flinches, but Louey holds him down. In the chair and gently rubs his head and begins combing his hair.

The other men are curious now and shuffle towards our heroines. Chairs are lined up against the wall and the men form an orderly queue waiting for thier turn.

Suddenly a gaurd raps her baton along the steel bars

Sound FX: baton ran along steel bars

The men cower, our heroines stand proud.

Then the worst! The gaurds direct a hose and start spraying the inmates with “mud”!

Everyone is covered and the floor is all slippy. The men working outside with mops cringe.

After the gaurds are finished a worker passes a cloth through the bars for the inmates to start cleaning themselves. One of the workers looks directly at Dawn and then holds out his palm, he has a key! Dawn looks at the man and they both grin. Dawn quietly unlocks the cell door, she then steps out and takes the man who passed the key, he plays hostage.

The gaurds enter and are confronted by our heroines and the hostage situation.

The gaurds, uttering their gibberish, hands held out in an appeasment attempt Dawn backs with the man, enough to lure the gaurds forward, then all the men flood out to overwhelm the gaurds, a tense stand off for a few moments, then a gaurd uses her electric baton, causing seering pain for the man who gets caught, but then all the men overpower the gaurds and begin tying the gaurds up using jute from their gardening supplies.

The man who proffered the key now beckons Dawn, shows her some plans, shows her a picture of something red, then he mimes to her an explosion and points to a far wall. Everybody cowers back and we hear a SoundFX: tick tick followed by an explosion. There’s a hole in the wall and the men all flood out. Dawn opens her utility belt and uses a locator to locate their jet, a holographic map appears. The man smiles a kind of wanting smile to her and she holds out her hand and he follows her. Louey and Rochelle bag a man each too and they are now running towards the jet.

It turns out that they arrived just as the men were going to secure their freedom anyway.

Fade to black:

Fade in:

We see the runway with the jet and we see our heroines standing outside, being given cheering waves, smiles, kisses blown. We see the 3 men acquired and they happily blush and giggle as they climb aboard the jet.

Cut to credits:

Sound FX: Muzaks, militiristic and imposing.

Cut scene: A woman dressed in military uniform planning revenge.

Sound FX: music changes becomes light hearted as we see the crowd of men dressed gaily, flowers abound, men painting buildings in bright cheery colours.



A long time ago, it hasn’t happened yet, 3 ape ladies took a trip on a supersonic jet,

They’d packed some things, to help the time go by, as it were a long long way, to whence they would fly.

Some magazines, beauty tips, the girls had fashion machines, 3D printers capable of printing out patterns, shoes

And other bits,

Their supersonic jet, suddenly flew out of control

The girls strapped in just as it started to roll,

Increasing speed, a flash of light, our heroines unconcious

Crash landed,

But where?

as louey roused, she discerned a screen, they’d travelled back to 2014! 😮

A baboon called ca meron was in chargde 😯

& the fashion police had men under gaurd :weird:

the ape girls got caught and threwn into jail, with hairy blokes,

It as un naturail.

The girls knew that all men must be shaved, and groomed and prettied for famous

Fashion parades,

They set to task, but it was no good, creepy humons, women well they threw mud.

They’re airy an’ coarse, and the red one’s as bad as me movver

And they ave strange ideas a bout all the men, wudda buvver.

Poor ape angels, coerced, one young fellow whose preference was hirsute,

They got him to liberate them, and some men tied up the humon women

With jute.

The revolution started, the men got the fashion, and women looked

Forlorn, and downtrodden… a bit like Pauline Fowler.

The guys cheered the ape girls, as they’d fixed up their jet, they took some

Loveley cute men, and one shouted,

Howay the man, you bet!

the girls cuddled their girly blokes and soomat more, the details of

Which I shall leave t’yer imagination, jut alore.

& the girls they were gone, never seen again, but men had beauty parlours

And fancy hat wearing events.

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