Your surreal world

Your surreal world


If a man wears a dress he is shamed. If a woman wears trousers she is standing up for equality?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!.


Women raise children, boys are shown that they only can wear trousers and top, girls are shown that they can wear trousers & top, skirt and top, dresses.


So women raise boys with a sexist agenda, then boys grow up with sexist views, then women point the finger and say “Men are sexist”


Women are sexist.


In my personal experience I have found about the same amount of sexism from both men and women, but there is a difference, men feel insecure about their accepted opinion; women have no shame about their views, be they open and unsexist, or deeply sexist, women just have no moral compass and will openly mock, shame and intimidate, then feeling quite happy to play the “I’m only a meek female, I couldn’t possibly be the aggressor”


There are thousands, no, there are tens of thousands, no there are hundreds of thousands of men who like/would like to wear a dress.


One of the largest causes of death among men is suicide.

The suicide rate increases for male to female transgender

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