XXXtra files the House of transAm epilogue

XXXtra files the house of TransAm


“I can’t say what’s gone wrong”, a doctor talks to Scully as they look through a window, Mulder is on a bed inside the room, he… or rather we must now say she, for Mulder has developed more female characteristics, more importantly  Fox Mulder has taken to insisting on being referred to with female pronouns, wearing female clothing and make up.

Scully now has the most difficult assignment of her life, to accept Mulders gender change.

Scully gets a lecture from the doctor, Mulders psychiatrist.

“As of now, Mulder is female” the psychiatrist starts, “”It’s still Fox Mulder in there I can assure you of that, but being female is now Mulders natural state”

Apprehensively Scully goes into Mulders room, “So… how ya feeling”

“It hurts, it hurts like merry fucking hell Scully, my body has changed, I have changed, everybody around me treats me differently, tell me we’re still good Scully, I couldn’t bear it if you started acting strange toward me” Mulder pours her heart out to her partner.

Scully is struggling to take in everything that mulder has said,

“You know it’s funny, because the psychiatrist said you haven’t changed… but that’s not true, that cocky arrogance you had is somewhat jaded, “ Scully says just exactly what comes into her head.

“Oh yeah, 🙂 That” Mulder smiles to herself, “you know people always found that cute… in a guy”

The pair giggle and Scully does an impression of a male Mulder being cocky and arrogant and the pair of them guffaw together.

Outside the psychiatrist talks to themselves as much as anyone around, “Mulder’s a lucky one, having somebody to confide in, a soul mate who won’t run away”

From inside the room Scully replies to the unexpecting psychiatrist, “Yeah, that and I bet ‘SHE’ doesn’t get period pain”
to which Mulder chips in “Amen to that ”

The end

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