Sex and gender identity, dresses for men

It can be difficult to talk about.

Truth is sex is seen as something that men “desire” & wether we identify as men or not
We, ie:- anyone born with a penis get judged that everything we do in life involves our
Primal want to have sex.

Well, lo and behold the truth, yeah sex is important to humans.

Having sex is not always a “want” so much as a “need”, people can need sex when they are stressed.

I find retail a pretty good indicator as shops are supposed to believe “The customer is always right” (speaking as a customer shops generally utterly fail from crap computers to crap clothing and other things). So its a real bugbear to have between 70% to 95% of retail shopping aimed at women, and then we get the banal conversation “men don’t like shopping”, of course they don’t retail does f’all for them, men are ignored, their very existence is erased.

Then we see mal (l lol) adjusted men with behavioural issues from seeing women as sex objects, to believing that “Women can’t drive” etc yawn etc yawn etc yawn.

So sometimes men release stress by wearing “womens” clothes.

& anybody is surprised in any way by this?!?!? the human race and or rather the silly western culture that shouts itself so loud to be superior is incredibly ignorant and revoltingly barbaric.

Why would I stick up for men who just wear womens clothes for sexual kicks? I kinda don’t but I believe that if we take away the mistique surrounding “Women’s” shopping that this particular concept will largely dissapear.

because it is made pretty clear that men will not stray from the line “boring trousers boring top, boring trousers boring top”

yawn, even if I didn’t feel trans I’d shop womens clothes, just to have something interesting; retail wankers.

But men need to be allowed to experiment, to have a try.

So many trannies are middle aged, why? because as kids they allowed themselves to be bullied into beliving the bs that men have no interest in fashion.

My mission is to have a section for men who want to wear a dress.

When women want to buy trousers they have to go to the mens section and if they’re lucky they will be “allowed”?

Then why do I get it pointed put to me that I’m a man, (regardless of my self identity), and that I have to hope that I’m lucky and I get allowed to shop for a dress?

I for one do not want gender nuetral clothing. I want retail to know who I am and to sell me things that I want to buy… I have money you know, currently retail does not “want” my money.

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