Heavy going psycological SciFi thrillers

I’ve discovered my favourite genre!
Named up above

In the genre are;

Alien   A good film, the pace is good, technically a good film and it’s an ok film.
Predator It’s a good film to watch, the pace of the movie is good, not letting you get to bored.
12 Monkeys an amazing film, a very complex film that you may well need to watch more than once to begin to grasp everything that goes on.
The thing  1982 version any good? Is there another version? sometimes I hear “The 1982” version, but I’ve not found any real evidence of another version {edit: found, cheers juno}
The thing from another world a.k.a The thing 1951 version, I’ve yet to see it, but would like to.
Rumours of a 2009 “The thing” film….
Enemy at the gates Enemy at the gates tells the story of Vassili Zaitsev; a Russian sniper amidst the story of Stalingrad late in the Second World War.

Turrican (link goes to a fansite) gets a mention on the Heavy going psycological SciFi thrillers page? yes, because in Turrican 1 & in Turrican 2 you end up on the last level which is in an alien ship & there are lots of “Aliens” which are very like the aliens from the “Alien” moovie, they are the same aliens but I’m sure that copyright dosn’t allow them to be the same aliens. In Turrican, it is a 2d platformer, a very complex 2d platformer with an array of selectable weapons, with an imaginative array of baddies, where you travel accross land, down into caves, under water, up high into the sky, into a mechanoid world and into an alien space ship. Throughout the game is very admired upbeat music and action, up until the last levels, when suddenly the music stops. Turrican 1, the music stops and no sounds save shooting. Turrican 2, the music stops, all except for the sound of a heartbeat and shooting noises, this part of the game is very eerie and pays good homage to the psycological SciFi genre!


A “Doom clone” for the Atari Ste

SubStation has very eerie music. The scenery is dark & the baddies come upon you quick enough to make you jump.

More to come…

Franz Ferdinand; Take me out

I ridiculed this song, but I have found out that it is about being shot/shooting someone… I like to think it’s about snipers! 🙂

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