I live in a sexist world controlled by women.

Men have freedom and power, and yet when it comes to clothes, women get choice, men get ridiculed. One of the most downheartening things is to find a website where men like dressing and fashion, and then they wear clothes “designed for women” and then they post photos but don’t show their faces.

If I was a woman I would be horrified at myself for making these people feel so ashamed that they don’t dare to show their face, and all for the sake of wearing a skirt/dress.

I do not consider myself a transvestite nor a crossdresser, I wear the clothes I want to wear.

“WOMEN DO NOT OWN FASHION” (Except they do, and like it is a mafia controlled bussiness)

Women often speak about equality, but I see very little evidence. Women like the idea of equality, but more so especially when they are getting more from it.

I have let my hair grow long and now I get people telling me that I am a hippy.

I am scared to go to the hairdressers, because “Only women can have long hair”

It is said that men objectify women.

But Women do something very similar, and it is something just as bad, if not worse, women turn men into 2 dimensional caricatures, men are policemen, firemen, or they are perverts, or bullies.

There is no scope for a man to be girly. A man can be gay, but;

I volunteered for a pride event, an elderly lady with her grandson wanted to go to the park and she asked “There isn’t going to be men in skimpy lycra is there?”

Well, me and the other volunteer clearly passed “her” test as we wore trousers and top, because in this world women get to choose, but “ALL” men are monsters and they must behave and they get to choose, they can choose between blue trousers or black trousers.

Women very very clearly do not want equality, women can do anything because they are all good little angels, but all men are monsters, only sometimes do women manage to make some men be good and these men can be hero’s, but they must work hard to keep fit and be muscular and they must behave the way women expect, else they will be called pervert, tranny, ner’ do well.

Men will not wear earrings, have long hair, wear clothes that are colourful or have any frills, men will only wear the most boring shoes on the planet because

“WOMEN OWN FASHION” Do men not understand, only a woman can be trusted to dress herself appropriately as all men are stupid.

I live in a sexist world controlled by women, where women get to be teachers for young children, women can be secretaries…

I did quite well at school, got A in typing and B in computers, so after school I was offered a place on a training course to learn how to do bricklaying 😦 #fail FAILFAILFAILFAIL

I work in “Women’s accessories” in a department store. Men including myself are often treated in a sexist manner by the women whom I work with…. I don’t know how to stand up for myself.

When I wanted to look, with a colleague at some skirts, the woman manager said, “You don’t want to wear that”, said in such a way, that again it just makes absolutely clear that I am not allowed to wear certain items of clothing.

When a man enters the department, often they’ll look a little lost, “He wants to buy a dress for his partner, he’ll get it wrong, he won’t know what colour/size/style to get”

A man walks into the make up department, he’d better have a damn good reason for being there, else he is lost or he just wants to “Perv” on the women, again, because men are uncontrollable sex monsters, each and every one, as soon as we are born, all those people born with vagina’s are good and angelic and all those born with penis’s are monsters. 😦

This was/is all so difficult to write. As I’ve already said, I work in Women’s accessories, I am mainly selling handbags, often at first people may be surprised that i am working in that section, and I have been completely ignored by female customers, who have gone to the till bank, only to have the person at the till bank call me over to help, I have gained respect from the women I work with and they trust me, and yet when I said I liked the handbag, the powder blue handbag, that was a step too far, “Somebody help me, my man friend wants to carry a powder blue handbag”

Women are way too sexist.

I can be somewhat closed and is it any surprise, knowing that what I say is going to be wrong and unacceptable.

This was/is all difficult to write because I trust and respect the women I know and work with and I have to say, I feel so much more comfortable working with women, (so reluctantly I guess I’m a bit sexist myself), I need this to be an adult conversation where it is understood that I am talking about these issues, that I still respect women, some women are more sexist than others. To all understanding women I urge you to help yourselves, when you see another woman treating a man in a sexist manner, if you see a man wanting to wear/buy a skirt, make sure that he has that option, make it happen, encourage designers to design more flamboyant clothes for men, if you cage men in boring clothes men will be repressed and men will then become monsters.

some men enjoy being a fireman, some men enjoy fashion, let us have the choice, if you want equality then make it happen, if you stand by and let men suffer then you are just as bad as all the sexists you claim you don’t like.

There are so many good men and so many good women, and weirdly I follow some them on twitter and this is likely to end up as some of their reading matter and I am truly in trepidation of the responses, perhaps especially from the militant feminists, who will shout a lot about their struggle against sexist men, their fight against sexist men and you know what, I’m not going to fight back, I’ll let the fighting women be fighting women, they clearly like to fight, I will only ask to be treated with dignity and respect and hope for the best.


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