Hospital Rescue

My game idea is called “Hospital Rescue”

It is a fpr, a First person Rescuer game.

We are in a hospital, we can start as a cleaner, we then work our way up to becoming a Doctor.

We get free roam of the Hospital, with wards, with tv room, with library, with shop.

We get to investigate and diagnose and treat people, Though of course we need to pass some exams first, we can then take exams to be surgeons,nurses, psychiatrists, or paramedics.

We get to use cardiac paddles, inject patients, prescribe medication

Our “Hospital” is surround by a field that disables weapons. We have Ambulances that are like TARDIS’s, we use these to travel to battlefields, anywhere in time and space! We can visit Waterloo, or how about “killzone”, making Hospital rescue able to gain/cross involve existing franchaises.

I believe Hospital rescue would appeal to a wide demographic, from asians and Africans, and  white westerners love Doctors, the game would also have a strong appeal to both sexes, where else in society do we see equality on such a scale as medical care, equality between the sexes, equality between different ethnicities.

Hospital Rescue by Adrian (video)

Please help me to make this game a reality.


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