Commercial failure

Everybody’s happy nowadays, so the Buzzcocks song track bemoans sarcastically.

But is everybody happy nowadays?

Of course not, there are 3rd world countries, but what about here is western society, is everybody happy with the world, with what commercialism has brought to us, at a glance you could certainly think so, and there are many good things now, the commercial world is slowly opening up, but for me, commercialism through the 80’s and the 90’s was pretty piss poor.

I saw a link, to a talk by somebody, that has something to do with Oxford I think, and I think that there is a variety of talks under the umbrella “Ted”, which could be an acronym.

The point of this talk was suggesting that we have too much choice in todays world.

I was aghast, that is not right, to me it shows that the person giving the talk is locked in their own little world, completley and utterly blinkered.

Here is a list of items, that I feel could be manafactured and produced commercially, but they are not;

1. A flexible bluetooth keyboard that straps onto the forearm.

2. Computers to come equipped with a keyboard layout selector; how many times, using my Android tablet, I want to use the “£” sign, for dolloars, it’s 2 clicks away, euro’s 2 clicks away, pound is 3 clicks away, just because I live in the UK & I pay high taxes does not mean that I should have things made easy or convenient for “me” This is “NOT” how the commercial world works.

3. “Gem” as my computer operating system, I despise Windows, Apple is limited and expensive, I currently use Android, which is “fun”, it could be better, but end of the day windows,linux, apple, unix, android none of those would be my first choice.

4. A decent games console. Now I love my Playstation3, I still miss my Atari St, with reversi, Isola, I so want to play Turrican, but old 2d platformers are old hat, so I’m not allowed that, ever since Doom, gaming has meant something different, I want to play “Balance of power”, I want point and click adventure games, all the time, all we hear is killzone, call of dudey, blah, blah, blah, (caveats, Little Big Planet, Flappy bird, Submachine (Submachine needed a pc to play :()), so there are good games out there, but generally, not being developed, not having investment, because of course, I would have no idea what I wanted to play & either I play fps’s or there is something wrong with me? THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE COMMERCIAL WORLD.

5. A decent arts package, it really can’t be too much to ask for?!?!?! The Atari St had a slew of art creation titles, “Spectrum 512”, “Photochrome”, “pixiechrome”, Degas elite”, “Deluxe paint St”, and the list can go on. Adobe is droll, “Sketchbook express” via Android is sufficing in some way, though it really feels “Childish”, I want proper art tools, Computers are dead and a waste of space since it went to “Windows or Apple” 😦 (I am open to suggestions)

6. Astronomy TV, I want to turn my TV on and be able to see what telescopes are looking at, I have NO interest in your twatty nfl, footbal, blah crap, blah crap who the fuck would buy sky tv?!?!?!?!? a HUGE HUGE dissapointment.

7. Twitter works, it’s ok, I used to use imeem, that was better programmed, more like Facebook, but not full of rubbish apps, waste of time games, and huge pictures with emotive captions designed to bully others into accepting that persons point of view. Still, this is the free democratic world we live in, so no chance of me getting to choose the social networking site that I like the best is there? You utter utter morons.

8. Superfast broadband. Yeah, but proper, what are the politicians doing? They’re insane, the business with the fastest internet speed is gonna be a winner, so government need to provide really robust, fastest speed possible, but instead, thanks to commercialism, we have a squall of petty bickering minor companies, giving the least speed they can get away with, all trying, all cloying for an extra few pounds from consumers, but by trying to gain a market share, but such a waste of time the broadband market, we need faster, we need better, commercial world #fail.

9. A house, built into a hillside to keep the heat better, solar panals, houses are so wasteful and so “stupidly” built, dark little shoe boxes, no I don’t think the housing industry is very good at all, we get what we’re given, not what we choose.

10. My son to be able to get and to submit schoolwork via the internet, perhaps just a tablet device, on the schools intranet. We are teaching our kids to be so backwards.

The commercial world, in my memory from the 80’s onwards has been filled with such huge failures, so many waste of time practices and the worst of it? The complete lack of choice, we end up counting ourselves lucky if we have 3 solutions to choose from.

Your supposed world of commercialism=freedom of choice is the dystopian nightmare that I awoke to.


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