Women are the evil oppressors

My colleages at work, two women, one taller than the other, want to get some bags, bags are stored in boxes on very high shelf, taller woman asks me for help, I have helped her before, we 3 trip into the stock room, I get the ladders, the shorter woman starts climbing the ladders, “We don’t need mens help”, “You can’t look up my skirt!” (She is wearing trousers :/).

I have no wish to look up her skirt, I was happy and impressed that she took the initiative.

I come accross as a bit gay (effeminate) and I can only see that she must have a lot of built up hidden angst towards men and somehow she feels a need to prove a point to me.

I ask, and I expect every business in the UK to conduct an anonymous poll for male employees and ask them the question, “Would you like to wear a dress”.

Women you have a choice.

Currently women can wear a dress or trousers.
Currently men can only wear trousers.

This does not equate to equality.

“If” Women want equality, I ask them to support #DressesForMen.

Your choice is to be either the evil oppressors or the people who want equality.

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