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My new knitting box xx

imageRight side Wrong side


Right side will be when the tail end of wool is away from the knitting edge (Note to self)




My first attempt at knitting “socks”, though I’m definitley using them as slippers.

The first one looks baggier, I did well with the second getting the fit better πŸ™‚

1st October 2013 today, it took me over a week to knit the first one, then just two days for the second better fitting one.

Friday October 4th 2013

voidstalker, they’re my favourite band btw, I got a t-shirt from them, but I hadn’t realised at first, but they wrote a message and each of them signed it πŸ™‚

So randomly & weirdly you can say thank you to Voidstalker, as they cheered me up & now I am going to try to write out the knitting pattern for knitting socks πŸ™‚

I take size 7 or 8 shoes (womens sizing).

You will need, 4 double pointed kneedles, 1 to 2 balls of wool.

CO 45 stitches.
Share the stitches between 3 needles, 25 on needle one, then 10 each on the other two needles.
It can be helpful, to aid memory to always purl the last stitch, ie:- the stitch with the tail of wool from whence casting on began.
Rib for the ankle(makes it stiffer/more likeley to stay up/hold its shape), 30 rows.
Then we begin the heel, get the heel right and your sock should fit snugly.
Keep the two needles with 10 stitches seperate, we are not going to knit with them for a short while. Knit back & forth on the needle with 25 stitches, making sure to slip the first stitch on each row. I completley guessed the number of rows, (as I did with the ankle :p), but needleslest to say 20 rows seemed good.
Then you need to begin shaping the heel. Knit just under half the stitches, so from 25 we knit, 12 stitches. Then we go back along those 12 stitches that we’ve just knitted, getting to 3 stitches from the end we slip a stitch, knit a stitch, pass the stitch that we slipped over, knit the last stitch. (read that a few times huh!? πŸ™‚
Then we begin back on those stitches, we purl the row, & we purl 2 together after 12 stitches.
We continue reducing the amount of stitches until we get to a point where we only have 13 stitches left.
We now need to pick up stitches., we are going to just start knitting again, using 4 needles like we did at the start, we knit to the end of the heel needle, then you need to find stitches, to take you to the next needle, because we slipped the first stitch on each row there should be stitches/loops to pick up, pick them up & keep knitting, carry on & end up how we were at the beginning.
Now we need to knit the foot.
Continue knitting round, but we want to decrease, so every other row, get to the end of the needle with 25 stitches, 3 from the end, slip a stitch, knit a stitch, pass the slip stitch over, then knit the last stitch. This will taper for a right foot. On your second sock at this point, at the beginning of the 25 stitch needle, knit two together to taper for a left foot.
Keep going until you have the same number of stitches on all 3 needles. Then we knit with just 3 needles. Knit to get the stitches spread evenly over 2 needles. If we have 12 stitches on each of the 3 needles, then we want to get to 18 stitches on each of 2 needles. The work gets a little tight now, knit one row, at the end of the row, 3 stitches from the end slip a stitch, knit a stitch, pass theslip stitch over, then knit the last stitch. Now purl a row, and purl the last 2 stitches togther. When you are down to 11 stitches on each needle (2 needles only now), knit the adjacent stitches together, ie- knit the stitch from one needle and at the same time the stitch from the other needle. You should end up with 11 stitches on one needle. Now cast off to finish the sock! πŸ™‚

Good luck, I’ve got a feeling that to a none knitter & to some knitters the above instructions may at first appear as clear as mud!!!

I have so far myself knitted a snood (a scarf, with a twist joind together in a loop)
a pair of socks
I am currently knitting an Eiffel tower stitch cardigan. This last project is the most awkward, confusing, time consuming and ambitious project of the 3. Socks were a joy to knit in comparrison, smaller needles, less stitches, more interesting knitting.

Try experimenting, the socks really made it all fun for me, gave me confidence, I listened to instructions, understood a little and where I felt the need I just did it my own way πŸ˜‰

So try a couple of different projects, big projects may look great, but you need to give yourself time and have patience.

Feb 24th 2013

I knitted another pair of socks, they shrunk in the wash :eek:, now my son wears them!

I have finished the back of the eiffel stitch cardy, & half oth the left front. I really could have used circular needles. I also need to buy a needlefew sewing garments together.

Thursday March 14th

Knitted myself a “string” bag.



Instructions to follow!

Using 10 mm (v.large) knitting needles x 2, & half a ball of string wool;



The banding reads No.A216000
210m/230yds per 100g
100% cotton

Bar code: 5013712439285
Colour: 2714

All the bags I saw as in knitting patterns were either croched or knitted in the round. I don’t know how to crochet (yet), & where would I get really large double pointed/Circular knitting needles?

So I decided to make my own idea.

Cast on 5 stitches, knit 12 rows, then increase to 10 stitches, then cast on a further 17 stitches, knit 30 rows; now to make the second handle, on the opposite side to the first handle. What we want to do is to join the first handle at this point, by knitting it to the next row, then we need to cast off stitches to leave us with 10 stitches at the opposite end of the row. Then we decrase 2 stitches at a time, until 3rd row, we decrease just once in the middle of that row to leave us with 5 stitches, then knit 12 rows & then join by knitting to the main body of the bag.

I then knitted the sides of the bag together & tied off, if you worry about the knitting undoing as I did, you can tie the wool round a couple of stitches, making a secure knot.

The knots can look a bit messy ( I can’t say mine were overly noticable), so turn the bag inside out πŸ™‚

A really useful fruit shopping bag, the wool stretches, especially with the large knitting and it holds more than you imagine.

This took me 4 days!!! My fastest knit yet πŸ™‚

May 6th 2014


I’m just so pleased to have finished knitting my cardigan :), it’s only taken me 1 year!!! Let me explain, I used the pattern from a magazine, I knew this would be the biggest project I had undertaken, I wanted to test myself, to see what am I capable of, would I give up half way through? I didn’t as you can see.

So I didn’t start the project straight away, and then I have knitted quite a few other projects, whilst keeping this one on the back burner, hence the length of time.

That’s not to say I found it easy, it is a big project, there is complication, I was very bad on the first bit and ignored bits of the pattern instruction, which certainly detrats from the asthetic qualities.

Having finished, having learned relearned techniques it has I believe made me a better knitter.

Having finished the project, I can see ways to make improvements to the pattern.

So excited to have got it done, it fits and will be a practical item of clothing πŸ™‚


Pictures of a Snood that I knitted a good while ago πŸ™‚



15th September 2016, Kniiting a pink cable knit jumper;

Using 3 3/4 mm needles


rib8 rows

K24,k8 onto cable needle, k22, k8 onto cable needle, k24

k24, twist and knit cable, k22, twist and knit cable, k24

k8 rows

k24, slip 4 onto cable, k4, k

k8 rows

Decrease 6 k until 18stitches k8 onto cable needle, k22, k8 onto cable, decrease 6 at end of row

K18, slip 4 onto cable, K4, K to end

K24, K4 from cable, K until 4 b4 2nd cable, K4 from cable, K to end

K20, K8 onto cable, K22, K8 onto cable, K to end

K to cable, twist, K to cable, twist, K to end

K10 rows

K20, Slip 4 onto cable, K4, K until 4 b4 2nd cable, slip 4 onto cable, K to end

K to 4 b4 cable, Knit Cable, K to 4 b4 2nd Cable, K cable, K to end

K 8 Rows

Increase back to 86 stitches, encompassing K 2 Rows

K24, slip 4 onto Cable, K4, K4 from Cable, K22, Slip 4 onto Cable, Kit 4, K4 from Cable, K to end

K8 rows

Increse 4 stitches (to accomadate ribs m2f Transgender bodyshape)

K26(with increase stitches included), Slip 2, K2, K2 from Cable [rpt],K22, Β K2, K2 from Cable, K22, Slip2, K2, K2 from Cable [rpt]. K to end

K2Β Rows

rpt above but one


, increasse, further 10 (attempt breast shaping) stitches by 2, K30, increase next 10 stitches to make 13, K to end






To be continued…
















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