The wrong way

As I contemplated games, and modern fps’s and the amount of times the way is blocked, we are herded by insurmountable piles of rubble or just as rude as you can be; “Invisible walls”.

I went to wash the pots. As I finished washing… I wondered… I placed an object over the plug hole… there was suction… I placed a beaker upside down in water… the trapped air wanted to rise upwards… so I placed an upside down, air filled beaker over the plug hole and proceeded to fill the sink with water… what would happen?

rather boringly the beaker stayed over the plug hole… the suction force must have been strong… but then I tipped the beaker and the force with which the air escaped was pretty I mpressive!…

So, that was small scale, but what about large scale… what if, we made a rocket, then we got some space and filled the upper portion of the rocket(perhaps canisters on top of the rocket?) with space, then we simply release the anchor at the base of the rocket and et viola the rocket shoots off into space… no messy waste of fuel, no desperationg over guidance, the trapped “Space” knows exactly where it should be going…

Adrian 🙂

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