XXXtra files The House of TransAm part 3

Mulder and Scully, Mulder dressed in a dressing gown, head back towards the bathroom, but hear voices, they head in the other direction. This house… this building becoming like a nightmarish maze, they enter a door and see bodies, men who’ve been transformed into Womenfolk, they’re all posed, in stereotypical female roles, ironing, in front of a tv with endless soap operas, cooking, then a lurid scene in a room beyond, the bedroom! a dim table lamp providing scant illumination exposing a lady mans legs, clad in garish stockings. They spot a door to the side and head through it, they’re by a pool…. it is a scene like people dream about when they dream about being rich, and again transformed men unconcious, posed as though they’re having a photo shoot.

Suddenly Mulder is getting a flashback

Mulder sits at old 68k Apple computer,  he is surfing youtube, looking at FatBoySlim video’s, Scully walks in, a look of horror mixed with disgust on her face, Wat are you watching???!?

Oh I was just surfing FatBoySlim videos so that I can hit the dislike button Mulder replies smartly

Scully looks at the screen again and indeed, there is a string of dislikes on FatBoySlim videos, Scully wipes her brow, phew I really thought we’d lost you there.

Fade back to reality… such as it is 😉

We’re never gonna get out pleads Scully.

Relex honey and have some tea Mulder shocks Scully by speaking in effeminate tones.

Mulder! I think they have drugged you.

Then Scully spots a rubbish chute, ok down the rubbish chute it is she exclaims, Mulder protests ” but my,  I’ll get all dirty”, Scully pushes Mulder down, they both then exit into  a skip, they scramble out, disorientedly they wander, then Scully sees Mulders rented car, they get in the car and drive to the nearest hospital, Scully explains the change in Mulder’s behaviour and he is kept in for observation.

End of part 3

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