XXXtra files House of TransAm part 1

xxxtrafilesBandCShovel001I shall go to bed then, Imagination theatre is mine, tonight Mulder & Scully delve into the mystery of a towns menfolk going missing, they track down activity of a mysterious TransAm  to a house, on a crossroads, men go in… but women come out!!!!!

“Man wudda buvva”, we hear some red head chick exclaiming, as Mulder and Scully enter the bar, with wooden furnishings, it is American, it is ye olde cowboy esque, but with a juke box and a big tv above the bar. As Mulder and Scully walk in everything goes quiet. Our dynamic duo walk to the bar, “YOU HERE TO AU DIT US BUDDY?” “WE AIN’T KINdly to auditin’ types”

Mulder smirks, “No, undercover, working in the Town, looking to find out about the missing perso(ns)”

before Mulder can finish the barman speaks up “Ain’t nobody here heard About no missing persons, what is it runaway kids?”

Scully: No, it’s middle aged men

Barman : Listen up Y’all, Missy here’s looking for middle aged men!

Yokel: Why I can show  ya a good time..

Yokel is cut off as Scully pulls her gun and cocks it against his head.

Scully: We’re looking for missing persons

Mulder starts handing out photo’s

Scully: if you recognise any of these men I advise you to speak up, anyone with smart comments, keep them to yourself.

Nobody recognises the photos, Mulder and Scully leave the bar.

Mulder: Seriously Scully, a gun?

Scully: I’m tired and I’m having my time of the month.

Mulder: I’ll step carefully.

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