We should probably Decree that women be allowed to wear trousers, after all we want equality so if a woman decides that she wants to wear trousers then we should allow them to go into menswear and choose some trousers, they Shouldn’t feel put off when men seem to be discussing them, or staring at them and they Shouldn’t feel offended if men joke at their expense, after all I’m sure the men mean well and women should just toughen up a bit, after all…

So difficult for me to write that paragraph, I just don’t have that attitude and yet plenty of people with recognisable male characteristics are treated this way when they want to shop dresses etc.

Women do not want equality. I see scant little evidence for it. If it is so important for woman to be able to wear trousers, if what we wear has a deep psychological effect on us, then when men are supressed by lack of choice in clothing, then women can show no surprise when men behave in a repressed manner.

When people are repressed we see them show behaviours such as being closed, uptight, highly strung.

We then see that they feel that they are instructed in a correct way to dress, and that leads to them feeling that they need to behave in a correct way, and if they are to behave in a correct way then women must also behave in a correct way, and hence we get chauvinism.  Yes I am saying that chauvinism is directly linked to men being suppressed through lack of choice in clothing.

So what men do we now see? Do we see gay men? Do we see men who like to wear a dress?

So what men do we see? We see embittered men, who’ve learnt to “play by the rules”, men who are obnoxious, willing to talk over, to shout others down.

We hide the men who are meek, we hide the men who are reasoned. We hide the men who don’t agree with the rules.

So as a feminist there is this terrible non movement on feminist issues.

Women I implore you, if you want equality then you have to help make it happen and it won’t happen whilst men who want to wear a dress are forced to shop in the “womens” department. If you want equality we need to see #DressesForMen (there are a huge number of men who want to wear a dress of that I can assure you and you will only see the loud bolshy ones, the meek, they hide in their houses, afraid to show their face, and the meek outnumber the bolshy ones, and my guess would be by a factor of 10).

If we do not have #DressesForMen in shops, then we do not have equality.

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