After ten years of marriage she came home to find him in a dress and promptly divorced him.

If I were a cisgendered woman, if I had been with a man, married/civil partnership for ten years, then I came home one day to find them in a dress I would feel embarrassment and disgust. My embarrassment and disgust would be for myself; that I had been with this person for all that time and yet I never knew they felt like this.

There are plenty of people born with a penis who want to wear a dress and yet we just don’t see this reflected in commercialism, commercialism, that great god we follow, that sells to people, that learns to know its customer base… and yet there are many, many men who want to wear a dress and yet we just don’t see this reflected, indeed it is more than ignored, it is hidden, with over 70% of shops selling “Womens wear”, men are sent very clear messages that this world is not for them, that they shouldn’t be there, then coupled with dirty looks recieved by women (I was asked if I was ok by shop assistant as I, (dressed in womens clothes), tried on womens shoes, I explained that 6 was too small, 7 too large, the assistant sniggered and asked had I tried the mens section, I repleid calmly no I haven’t ).

From my experience women have no moral compass where gender is concerned.

From when I decided to let my hair grow long I have recieved equal sexism from men and from women. The big difference tends to be that men are quite embarrassed or un confident to say how they feel.

Women have no problem what so ever, proclaiming, “it’s my choice”, or “you don’t want to wear that”, or having my hair clip wrestled from my hair, and more, whether women are positive or negative they have absolutely no shame.

Perhaps mothers, perhaps society could try asking men how they feel more often rather than telling them, rather than assuming.

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