Who cares if you’re racist? Accept the result

If somebody is something they might not recognise that they are that thing.
All the leave voters protesting in ernest “I’m not racist”.

Well who cares if you are?

A policy which points the finger of blame at migrants is a racist policy. Whether you believe yourself to be racist or not is irrelevant.

There is no argument to be had until Leave voters respec the result of the referendum.

This means many things;

Accepting our unfair system, ie:- less than 24% of the country voted tory in 2015.
Tory’s guilty of corruption in order to win seatss.
Clear and obvious mis-truths, lies, mis-direction hoodwinking tactics were used to win the referendum.
Political assasination of a left wing politician by a right wing activist.
Right wing media bias/propaganda.

It’s all well and good to feel that because you shout louder that you will win the argument, but until you accept the result of the referendum, there can be no “Coming together”


Ukip they r like scientology

Public educated by political misfits
Don’t tell me anti elite, or else I’ll end up balistic
Ukip they r like, scientology

The Dangerous Sick twisted,
Cheating lying dip dipsticks
Ukip the’re like scientology

Brainwashing the easily influenced like hypnotherapy on the stage, it beggars belief
And it’s impossible to mind, change their mind,
them, watch them fit.

Public educated by political misfits
Don’t tell me elite or I’ll end up ballistic
I see ukip as a Group, like scientology.

Ready to acquiesce

I’ve had enough. I am ready to acquiesce.

It’s not that i think that brexit is good or worth it, but there’s just no point in discussion.

Like Caroline Lucas on GMB being quizzed by Piers Morgan, “isn’t that a bit sneaky of the Greens (Progressive alliance), This when the tories have been found out for cheating in elections, this after the lies and deliberate mis-information, distraction tactics, foreigner scapegoating.

Really pathetic, but no point arguing, they’re not interested, they are like a dog with a new toy, we have to wait until they get bored.

It’s difficult, at the moment let’s see what have we acheived…. Tory increase in local elections…..

The more we get under the skin the more we are seen as “The Baddies”, the insurgency.

I think we have to go something like the Russians and the “Eastern Front” (There is a great game on the Atari 800xl Eastern Front 1942,)

Eastern Front 1942 is a game that is impossible to win. you are the Germans, you have better tanks, better equipment, and hell perhaps even better strategy.

But the russians start a different game, a war of attrition, they use geurilla tactics, hit and run battles, all the time drawing the Germans further, the German supply lines become stretched, then the Russians stop at Stalingrad, The river Volga, they don’t want to lose the River as it is a supply line, it is also a natural border, so they hang in, keeping 100 metres of Stalingrad using snipers hiding in bomber out buildings.

Unfortunatley for us, the public have been “Educated”, and it was ukip educating them, ukip being something akin to the church of scientology, and when they get people hooked it is like brainwashing.

So we have to re-educate the people, and that may well take time, but that’s who we are now, we’re on the other side of the fence.

Pollsters, the evil trolls from yesteryear are time travelling to the here and now and poisoning the present with their outmoded viewpoints.

Another poll, showing whatever the hell some jumped up twerp wants it to show.

lol, as if we could care less.

Nobody expected labour to win in 97. Nobody expected the snp to wipe out labour.
Nobody expected the vote for brexit(Including brexit voters)
Results since the referendum have been a fairly steady swing to the lib dems.
Polls show the tories way out ahead (My guess is not bias as such, it’s just that political commentators/pollsters are stuck in the past and only consider two demographics, tories and labour, this is worse than it sounds, because they clearly have a vested interest in “tory v labour”, the muddied waters of today’s politics doesn’t suit the pollsters, nor the political commentators)
The torys own private poll confirmed the 40% swing to the lib dems.
DON@T POST CRAP BUNK BECAUSE ALL YOUR DOING is making people feel like their vote isn’t worthwhile, at which point they won’t vote at which point your stupid stupid article will be proven “correct”,
ergo, and I am not being rude, ergo YOU are the biggest evil in this country.

Stomp and Stop

stomp and stop, the world on pause, the glittery ball, give me the strength to fall, deeper and deeper, to shapeshift, to move through the glass, to encompass the clothes in the window, not fussy me, class or crass, it’s all the same you see, a world that’s seperate, mine and your’s the worlds very own GenderGate, act now afore it’s too late, make it real, drop the hate, no longer misandry on a plate, we’re here realising our fate, freedom and equality is yours, is there’s , is mine and our’s to take. xx