Gender Equality

✋ in ✋, equal and opposite girls welcomed in2 sciences trad.male areas, boys must b welcomed in2 fashion etc, trad female areas.

Boys & Men are not static entities, men are not quantum, they don’t just pop into existence age 18, boys are raised to men, largely by a 52/48 ratio (Uk) female to male population, add in that we’re lead to believe that many men leave the woman partner, so many single mums, women love soaps which control prime time tv, women exert huge influence over male children’s lives & yet we raise so many sexist men? Huh & now, now the sucker punch; women are never to blame, not one bit, it’s always those men, those men who quantum flux into existence at age 18…
Equality dictates that women be allowed to wear trousers (I can’t imagine anything more banal than anyone having a problem with that), and yet a man in a dress? Ho ho ho, what a joke,

If. Women want equality women are going to have to show it, and women are going to have to take some responsibility.


stomp and stop, the world on pause, the glittery ball, give me the strength to fall, deeper and deeper, to shapeshift, to move through the glass, to encompass the clothes in the window, not fussy me, class or crass, it’s all the same you see, a world that’s seperate, mine and your’s the worlds very own GenderGate, act now afore it’s too late, make it real, drop the hate, no longer misandry on a plate, we’re here realising our fate, freedom and equality is yours, is there’s , is mine and our’s to take. xx

IWW/Action for Trans Health Activist Training Day



QASh members attended an activist training day put on by IWW and Action for Trans Health on January 23rd, organised by Pazuzu Gaylord and Jess Bradley. The meeting was open to anyone but due to high levels of interest trans people were prioritised, welcoming mostly locals but some ATH comrades were from elsewhere in the country.

We started the day off with a discussion of what made a good campaign, brainstorming a few ideas as a group, here’s what we came up with:

  • good propaganda
  • lasting impact and effectiveness
  • enjoyability
  • specific and focused aims
  • achievable goals
  • accessible on different levels (eg. media campaigns as some aren’t able to take part on physical protests or other direct action)
  • making connections and building solidarity with others
  • disrupting shit things
  • ability to speak upwards to decision makers but also to empower us
  • policy + social change
  • to have activists who are knowledgeable on…

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She’s petrified

She doesn’t dare to go out

She has no transport and her clothes are in doubt


She’s 43 and can’t stand up for herself

So she sits down, makes some soup, knits and cleans through the house.

Excercises, but the world petrifies us

Not daring to go out for fear of who’s about

frustrated, she’s to blame, they’re all to blame

deep down she feels she knows

they’re the one’s who’re insane

She just doesn’t want to play their game

She’s terrified, life passing her by

scared of all the representations, she ain’t no petrified cry

she’s here and so full of life

but she’s all alone.


Insane british sexism

I am scared. People are insane.


We cannot have women, arbitrarily deciding that, hey this baby’s born with a penis, it must only ever wear trousers. And yet this is how it is, and despite any protestations, women claiming they want equality, and yet it is important that women can wear dress, skirt or trousers, and their fight for equality is so important to them that… men, ie:- anybody born with a penis, can only wear trousers.

#DressesforMen now.


but more so, men are lost, men were lost generations ago, British bullying society, of which women are every bit as much a part of as men, British bullying society doesn’t ask those children tagged as male how they feel, it tells them how they feel, it tells them what they are allowed to wear, no freedom, no support for young children tagged as male who really struggle to defend themselves;


I have no interest in how you view me, you had your chance and you blew it big time, but I’m gonna keep trying now, to speak up for those innocent soles being corrupted by sexism, corrupted every bit as much by women as by men.