ac dc (renewables)

AC versus DC, AC won out.

But in today’s world, do we need AC? Probably, not least of all because most electronics are set up to run from AC, even low power electronics usually have an adapter to enable them to be connected to AC.


So, wind power, solar power, it’s all good, and battery storage has improved, So what we need now is a revolution in availability, why not have all houses fitter with AC and with DC sockets.


I remember when home computers were first becoming affordable, and they would come with a power brick…. why? all that waste, all it did was take 240 volts and convert it down to 12 volts!


Well, people want to power laptops with DC, but batteries run out, and renewables have issues with reliability…. well, they did, but with a decent rechargeable battery, this is no longer the case.


We need to have every new property set up with AC, but also for DC sockets.

We have the technology, we need the political will.

Adriana Spalinky


Craggy Island Ghostbusters 

Terry Jones… to star (As Mrs.Doyle’s Long Lost twin) in a new feature film… by… Roddy Doyle… Father Ted The Movie! When Strange things are going on on Craggy island, paranormal investigators Father Ted Crilly & Dougal have to investigate… using religious divining tools, and Nuclear powered backpacks filled with Holy Water, they travail the island, exorcising demons, until finally, a new mayor of Craggy island, a woman, Bealzebub in drag, the devil for sure, so it is, but Fathers, don’t ever cross the streams, but no, they must…. will they get soaked? Will they fail, and the Devil will rule? who can say? 
Please Please Please, somebody contact Glinner This film NEEDS to be made xx

Who cares if I frustrate you 

Who cares if I frustrate, if you hate me or despise me.

Who cares if you throw insults attempting to deride me.

I’ve been on the outside for such a long time, having to live with societies pious trite crimes.

When I was eight you were threatening Star Wars, Had to wait for half a decade for a computer game “Balance of power”, to stave against you bores. In 83 you plunged us go-gaddedly into war, later on you were happy to denounce terrorists…. Oh but wait only those who disagreed your lore.

A woman prime minister promoting women as ogle material, you are supile vampiristic, decrepit overtures.

Food bank queues and arthritis in a fourteen year old whose parents couldn’t afford them new shoes, I was bullied for how others voted, for how others felt, I only accept the life lead a suffering governmental child abuse.

I do not accept you, you are not my friends, and through ignorance your ears you never would to me lend.

You are thick pig headed, purile sapphoristic, I could only hope, wish and pray to achieve radioactive verse to direct at you ballistic.

You Don’t even count my vote, you’re nasty repugnant misfits, imposing a way after life resulting in 76% of the population viewing you an afterthought, the most powerful people in the land are on dragons den the disgusting ignorant disprasic.

Free market is the cry, the cry of the free market; privateer, an excuse to ignore the populace, to invoke slavery via prerogative

Waste my money and then demand more, you are King John from the Tales of Robin hood, you are tales of depravity from days of yore.

I stand against you for all my days, for you would take what precious little we have and then raze, our country with fracking scars, our living standards, our humanity, you kick the disabled, you are depravity of the soul, incredibly unproductive hyperbole.

Adriana Spalinky 

Every person who ever was

And so every person is with me because

“every people bekizz bekizz because”

every person who loved who lived who lost

stand beside me because because they was

And so I’m a human, a monkey, ape you see

as flawed, and just as brilliant as any that you’ll see.

it’s time to open up the whole diverse panoply

we like punk rock,

new wave, junk rock

and when something new, someone concocts

“we’ll like that too”

And so, everyone is with me cos’ bcos

we all share the Humon existence

Cmos Cmos

I’m a human monkey ape girl all at sea 🌊

forever asking, we ask the question, what are we

we’re esoteric, and abstract monkey mods

we live we breathe, affect the world around us monkey mods

the human existence that unites us is a key

to helping peace ✌ and love 😍 and freedom, humanity.

Hold you dear 

at first we’re running, mixing up ideas, coming up ceative, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m feeling so elative, there’s a connection happening here and I’m scared, I’m beginning to hold you dear, but what do I do next, I’m finding inaction through my fear, So scared of making you feel queer I want to keep our feelings clear, hold me we can feel our bodies, sensitive and mutual sensations Where can this lead? we explore, our feelings, our needs, I remember now to read, your body language, you’re blushed and so soft to touch, I think I have a crush on you, it’s a love, intense excitement sugar rush say you’re happy to be my betrothed, oh my beloved, we’ll have a perfect love behold.

Weaponry versus sarcasm

In war, Japanese have swords, Americans have bombs, Germans have Doodlebugs, aside from biological warfare, the most appalling weapon I know is the PoleAxe, a staff with an axe, a spear and a hammer, can anyone imagine using this weapon… to smash somebody’s skull, to spike somebody, to chop limbs off… it really doesn’t bear thinking about, this is why the English gave in to sarcasm, it is better for us to stick with sarcasm, if we invent weaponry it is not weaponry anybody can live with… Unless you know different “That’s life”