Hold you dear 

at first we’re running, mixing up ideas, coming up ceative, and I’ve got to tell you, I’m feeling so elative, there’s a connection happening here and I’m scared, I’m beginning to hold you dear, but what do I do next, I’m finding inaction through my fear, So scared of making you feel queer I want to keep our feelings clear, hold me we can feel our bodies, sensitive and mutual sensations Where can this lead? we explore, our feelings, our needs, I remember now to read, your body language, you’re blushed and so soft to touch, I think I have a crush on you, it’s a love, intense excitement sugar rush say you’re happy to be my betrothed, oh my beloved, we’ll have a perfect love behold.


Weaponry versus sarcasm

In war, Japanese have swords, Americans have bombs, Germans have Doodlebugs, aside from biological warfare, the most appalling weapon I know is the PoleAxe, a staff with an axe, a spear and a hammer, can anyone imagine using this weapon… to smash somebody’s skull, to spike somebody, to chop limbs off… it really doesn’t bear thinking about, this is why the English gave in to sarcasm, it is better for us to stick with sarcasm, if we invent weaponry it is not weaponry anybody can live with… Unless you know different “That’s life”

How to win an election, a. k. a how to cheat the result. 

We hear/see supposed unbiased opinion polls, but how unbiased can they be?

I contend that right wing commercial media moguls are generally behind overglorified opinion polls.
They run a poll, get a particular result, by hook or by crook, thereby implying an inevitability to a result before it has happened.
@yougov are the easiest to pick fault at, their results generally being up to 10% biased in favour of current sitting government. (go back through their “polls”) 

if you predict a result as inevitable you’re already part way to securing any particular result you wish to achieve.

Then you can suggest that particular demographics are “Unrepresentative”, :(), therin actively discouraging swathes of dissenting voices/voters.
When all else fails find a trope from pop culture, say X-Files, BTTF et al and suggest that anyone who disagrees with you must be crazy (tin foil hat wearer), because by advertising your right wing commercial culture, taking the mick of leftist alternative culture..
woohoo, sure fire way to prove your supposed innocence.
It is my personal belief that @britainelects are  unwitting subset to right wing commercial moguls who love “opinion polls”, more than they love democracy because they’re confident that they can influence an opinin poll, thereby predicting a particular result, suggesting inevitability double whammying with cutting “Unrepresentative demographics”, discouraging dissenting voices /voters, ergo how to cheat an election.
(demographics of people who are willing to be polled?)

people who read right wing commercial propaganda (The sun, telegraph, mail et al).

people who believe a fake narrative, because newspapers never ever lie or bend the truth or fudge statistics huh…

 Nirvana Territorial Pissings

just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean everyone ain’t out to get you.

psychology of a boy who’s a girl

wrote a blog, tricky one discussing girl/boy traits. 

But today I am transgender, but would I be tomorrow? 

Well, let’s extrapolate;

women fought for votes, women fought to wear trousers, women ate fighting for equal pay and equal opportunities. 
so, in a world where women go to work and men stay at home, caring for children and cleaning, beautifying themselves. 

Yes, that would be a somewhat comforting world, but then, I like car racing, wrestling, Roller Derby, I like watching women play sports. I like to imagine I’m the woman running fast and scoring goals. 

When I throw I throw like a girl, I don’t have the strength to win at shot put, but when I skim stones I do well, because my body is supine. 

At school P:E lessons were football and when a slim young boy that I was is faced with a 6 foot, muscular guy bearing down the pitch, well I just stood aside. 

I don’t mind if people think I’m a boy or a girl, I want to be me. I don’t identify with male roles presented by society, but I do identify with female roles. 
I can sew, knit, program a computer

I can clean, excercise, drive a car

explore space, make up my face

I can do all these things by following female role models;
Beth Healey, Izzy Lindqwister, Diana Junksista, Sabine Schmitz, Siobhan Reddy xx