Conflicting unclear results

Truth is, it was a rude question, truth us, it was unfair the way Sarah was questioned, but in actuality it was completely the right and correct question, but it is hardly a question for Sarah to answer…. except to say the question needs answering and the question is very clear, unlike the referendum.
How can we have results that contradict?
Sarah made no secret of how she felt about triggering article 50, about her policies around Brexit, and yet, with the “Clear mandate from the people” (According to the happy gadder teresa may), how can people deliver such a clear mandate and then contradict that mandate?
The referendum result was far from clear, the referendum was bad politics, a political game between two etonians, a game played out using divisive campaigning.
The only person who could square this circle was bungle bops himself Boris Johnson who after the referendum suggested that we all join together, when he’d been campaigning to tear the country apart.
The question is valid, but it’s not Sarah who has to answer the question, it is the morons who set up the referendum and the right wing media that helped to propagate lies.

Respect the result

We can respect the result of the referendum. Well, I can. Brexiteers can’t.

We have to see the referendum in context.

The Tory’s cheated the 2015 General Election.
The Vote leave campaign propagated untruths, they lied, they lied kinda straight out, but more they lied by associating with any daft banal statistic, playing a visual game with stats, like politics never has before (Well, it has, but with internet/social media, with the tools at hand, that spread and propagation of miss-information was arguably more potent than at any other time in history)


No here we are talking about people having gained a safe space for themselves, sheer ignorance, building themselves a little world, social media tailored to what they want to hear and right wing newspapers doing the same thing.

Then we have political assassination, Woah wait, what? But you thought that the person who murdered Jo Cox was just some random nutter? Well, the right wing, tory loving media tried their damnedest to paint it that way, but really? An MP is murdered, The murderer shouting “Britain first”, the murderer actively claiming to be from right wing politics, and you can honestly tell me that that was not political assassination? If so you’re ignorance beggars belief.

Then the leave campaign have won… by a very narrow margin, 52/48 is not a clear victory per se, it takes no account of nuances, in black and white, in that “Propaganda, striking way “it can seem clear cut. As far as I’m concerned, if it had been a sunny day the result could have been different, if our favourite celeb had died in the week preceding the result could have been different, the mood of the country generously mops up a 4% margin in voting.

Respect the result, by all means, respect the result, respect that David Cameron as Prime minister told the civil service not to plan for brexit, such was his arrogance, and his arrogance would be the undoing of the remain campaign, I personally looked on with horror that David Cameron was on our side, and I could barley bring myself to vote remain, because a part of me saw voting to remain as a vote for David Cameron, or dodgy dave; a moniker more befitting him.

So then, the leave campaign have won…. and out of 52% the leave campaigners have a leader? No! They have Teresa may, who voted remain, who has changed her mind more often than the repulsive shoes that she wears. Teresa may’s only motivation towards brexit is that she gets to “Play” at being Prime Minister. A miserable power grab.


So if you accept, 52/48 as a decisive and clear victory (evidence since has shown that vote leave wouldn’t have accepted it if reversed), Cheating to win votes, lies to win votes, Assassination as a tool to win votes, racist hate speech to win votes, if you accept a shambolic organisation of the referendum vote, if you accept that out of 52% the vote leave campaign couldn’t find a single leader.

If you accept all that, that is fine. You just don’t get me. You are not me. You and me are separate. I am so, so proud to be part of the 48%, you couldn’t drag me through hell to get me to co-operate with the 52% and that is the legacy of the referendum, a political game of sport between two elitist etonians, that split the country in two, politics that actively sought to divide, campaigning that actively sought to raise and expose negative emotions, hate, mistrust, fear.

Then it is the vote leave campaign who must “Respect the referendum result”, along with all the negativity they put into it, all the miserable heartless lying cheats who they must side with.



What I would like from the BBC

I would like the BBC to keep an open mind regarding politics.

Until Article 50 is triggered, it is not a forgone conclusion that we will leave the EU, even after Article 50 is triggered there is still a chance to change our minds.


Before the referendum The MP Jo Cox was murdered. This was a political murder by a right wing activist. I need the BBC to acknowledge the truth of this, to say that it was a political assassination committed by a right wing activist.


Race hate crime has increased and this appears linked to the referendum. The BBC needs to recognise this.

We don’t mind respecting the result, but in doing so we need to recognise the racist element of the result. If the BBC thinks that accepting the result means accepting racism this is a very dark alley for it to go down.

Currently, the positive spin put on Brexit by the BBC is an acceptance of racism.

The BBC needs to recognise that the public were mislead. That the leave campaign used misleading claims, the most stark of these the Bus with “Let’s give our NHS 350 Million a week”. Prominent Leave MP’s photographed with this bus in the picture sent a message to the public that our NHS would get funding, in the range of hundreds of millions of pounds per week, that investment promise shows no sign of materialisation.

Vote leave MP’s purposefully mislead the public. It would have been an easy task for them to have made clear that they had little if any intention of funding the NHS via money saved by exiting the EU, and if they did intend for the NHS to see investment from the money saved by exiting the EU then now is the time to “Show us the money”, to make clear how much and where from, the NHS needs the money.



Margerate thatcher versus teresas may fight!

They’re thinking of bringing Gladiators back, in the bloo corner; Margerate Milk Snatcher Thatcher, in the other bloo corner; Teresa turn away the migrants May, both times a scary republican in America;

Heads up neither Thatcher nor May are to be considered feminists, Thatcher didn’t flinch at guys ogling page 3 and May has no problem crininalising women who’ve been trafficked to Uk (there now follows swear words)


PS: Shirley Bassey is pretty fab


Controlling the narrative

Controlling the narrative.

Like fox news saying farage is an mp.

But then the left need to get clever and to control the narrative.

so the right wing and the brexiteers say… oh we shouldn’t have another referendum…

Well, I say we should, and then some, if they love referendum so much then let’s have referendums all the time, on everything.

Oh but they don’t want another referendum… why? because they might lose? Oh they don’t think it’s good to have another referendum… they don’t think it’s good to have another referendum “BECAUSE THEY WON” and they might not win if they have another referendum.

So then we have to say that the referendum was a bad idea and we cannot accept the result as it wasn’t clear cut, 52/48% is no clear victory.

But what about all the people who will be upset? if we overturn the referendum result.

Well, we’re not overturning the referendum result, we’re merely annulling the referendum result… but why are we annulling the referendum result?

Because the referendum result has done nothing if not divide the country… important that bit, on June the 23rd, politics failed, good politics bring people together, they make a nation stronger, the referendum result has exposed fears, anxieties, it has seen a rise in violence, it has divided the country. it has thrown the business market into uncertainty.

Then we have to look at the issues raised by the referendum, so the referendum won’t have been in vain, we can get something from it….. but more so the place where referendum belongs, “A Glorified Opinion Poll”

donald trumps secret code

donald trump wore a baseball cap on the last day, this was a cunning ploy, it shows solidarity with “Get on with it workers”, normal people who believe they need to keep their heads down and go to work and everything might be ok.
For the left wing, for the social parties to stand any chance they need to get smart, to know the campaigning tricks.
unfortunatley the public are corruptable and through companies, microsoft, google, apple, through tv, kardashittians etc, through computer games, gta and other assorted bleargh, the public are conditioned by a narrative that says that although it’d be nice to be generous to fellow humans, in actual fact “Reality” (oh yes it is psuedo reality) is that we need to be cold hard businessmen…. wait, what? business “Men” yep, you heard it, white middle class business men control the narrative.
We need to set up alternative facebook, a social media with left wing biass to balance out the current trend.
Facebook is the evil empire.