A weird and unusual idea, wanting people to read what I write…

I like intelligent writing.

I don’t care if you read my blog. Maybe I do, but then, you know, it’s for your eyes only ;) 

I guess I am so used to be underwritten or overwritten (a blog about bloggong may always contain at least one  made up word. Else where’s the fun for me!). Mostly I write or speak and then people decide what I meant. It is deliriously unclear to me where on the respectometer they imagine themselves to be…. They are very low on my respectometer. So what’s the point in wanting people to read… (unless I respect you which probably means you are reading this right about now xx)
My work can be severe and cutting, way too much truth for most people to handle, I like to have a gentle but inciteful humour, always loved Morcambe & Wise.
Adriana Spalinky


Something in the air

something in the air
you know because I really care
You’re offended by me not being a carbon copy of you
Purporting loving and caring
Social media’s s’pposed to be for sharing
no depressing with political airing
Dance and shuffle up about and all around the room
in your own head you feel like your number one and ya reached there so quick isolationists zoom
something in the air
you know because I really care
I’m afraid I only like it when you stop and stare
dang nabbit your physical deliberations
and you’re proud to become my nightmare
riding around,
standing my ground
couresel horse
inside my head
my special placeI’ve found
something in the air
you know I really care
you can tell this by my silence
check out my new pierre de terre

How big is the universe?

How big is the universe, 13.77 Billion.

To perform the equation, we swap time and distance.

Ergo, our universe is finite, not infinite.

How thin can space be stretched, will it tear at some point, that tear becoming a big bang and the birth of a new universe.

Now we get to where are we, at the edge of our universe, is there another universe? one made of fluid, one made of brick, one made of, oh wait, we’re getting back to infinity again.

We don’t understand infinity, when we say infinity, we imagine untold universes, all different to each other, but what if that just isn’t the case? What if all the universes have basically the same make up, due to the laws of physics, then we have an infinite number of universes, blopping into existence, the new universes starting, like…. like a fizzy drink, bubbles forming and then evaporating, then condensation of the bubbles occuring again through some untold mechanism (big bang involved),

Anyway, either way perhaps this a good model for us to be getting on with, rather than worrying about bizzarre universes that don’t exist, except in our minds, like do dogs wonder if there is a universe made entirely of bones, narf.

Adriana Spalinky


Lohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and behohld,

Lohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and behohld,

1st time thinking, I couldn’t be this, only happens to others, or it’s myth
revistited, what’s in store?
excitement, super bliss, but wait now, oh what is this,
I’m learning more about who I’m as a person “Core”
Was supposed to be simple, but it drags all life choices in through
the mind melting, questioning why did you choose, this that the other! how are you gonna tell your mother!
freedom unleashed, a monstrous beast, attack of the 50 foot woman? they’ve no idea what’s comin!
instantanious, spectacular painted accutriments added to the cranious
greatest ever feeling
tripping on this bliss of attainmanship
Damn and blast, forget all those before who didn’t remain, see, or imagine me like this
I can now declare myself eligible for this
yes its for me to choose, so what if there’s some risk
The rewards attained make it clear it’s all well worth it

Mere men

He dared to wear her clothes!

But the Godesses were angry;


“Men! You dare to defy women! We sentence you to live life as second class citizens!, Until you find the kingdom of the Amazons, your existence will be treated as mere frippery”