Lies, damn lies, and tory “government”

I’m against brexit and believe brexit to be an act of war, the rules have been broken, lies, tory spending lies and cheating, if I accept brexit then I accept we live in a lying cheating quasi democracy, a false democracy .

As rules of conduct have been broken, lies, cheating, racism, political assasination

Then I fight brexit and if I need to do it like philip davies (He talks bills to death solely so that there is no time left to vote on them, thereby them being effectively defeated)

They broke the rules, there are no rules.

Accepting the result is not the same as accepting the direction the country is going in.

My speech to the March for Europe

Waiting for Godot

Here we are.

I’m proud to be with you. And I’m proud to have walked with you. And I’m proud to stand with you. And I’m proud to talk to you.

Because when we work together, when we share our wealth, we all prosper. When we live as a community, all our lives are better. When we stand together we are all protected.

Sixty years ago today our community was created. Sixteen years later we joined it.

And it isn’t perfect. Francis does spend all the parish funds on his allotment. Jean Claude is very bossy. And they do come stay a lot.

But we’re not perfect either. We’re always wanting special rules, just for us. And it bugs our neighbours. But we rub along. And we prosper.

Together we are stronger. We make our garden grow.

Next week, we’ll tell everyone we’re leaving. We’re going to live on our…

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Where are all the young people?

Mermaids and Sirens

We keep saying “it’s our future” yet we don’t go to the protests

Recently, my parents attended a talk, ‘Brexit – What’s next?‘, hosted by Leeds for Europe (my mum’s summary can be found on their page here and on Facebook and is worth a read for inspiration to keep protesting against “Brexit”). My parents’ only complaint was the distinct lack of students – in Leeds! You physically can’t move for the number of students in Leeds and yet the talk was packed full of middle aged to older (the people who supposedly “screwed over the younger generations”) people. I know not everyone can go, I couldn’t, but it’s more than just one meeting. I’m part of Facebook groups which are anti-“Brexit” and they are primarily made up of middle aged adults. When I helped organise ‘One Day Without Us Leeds‘, I was the only student…

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If you don’t understand GeopPolitics, then don’t talk about GeoPolitics

It was a question of GeoPolitics.
Do you know finlandization?
Do you understand insurgency, quiet diplomacy,
Where do you think we are? Def con 4? Def Con 3? Def Con 1?
How many tv’s do they have in romania?
If you are not qualified to talk about GeoPolitics then don’t talk about GeoPolitics…
Or you can have me tell you you’re as thick as two short planks.
Make your choice.

Leave voters had their chance to be friends, they decided to insult instead

I got rid of the last of my friends who voted leave, they’d been quiet for a while, I also cleared out anyone who said “Can’t we just accept the result”.
I had a brexiteer reply via twitt and they said why are we unhappy, brexit is a great opportunity.
I’m afraid I don’t argue with people generally, they know my feelings/opinions.
I replied telling that they voted to support fascism, and then I blocked them.
But there does seem to be a thing happening, where leave voters are starting to try to communicate with us, well, for me, they had their chance, but in the months after the referendum all we got was “Remoaners” and general insults, so why would we start talking with these people now (Maybe you’re better and braver than me), they had chances, they only dug their hole deeper, they entrenched themselves, now there is no way back, I do not know how to show any mercy, I do not know how to show any understanding, they have made themselves clear, now they must “Accept the result”, accept that they have alienated half the country with their poison, with their bile, with their political assassination, with their racial violence, with their lies, deceit, with their insults.